Wild Berry Pancake-Diamond Ring Candle

Wild Berry Pancake Candle- Diamond Ring Candle Review



Brand: Diamond Ring Candles

Product: One wick scented Diamond Ring Candle

Scent: Wild Berry Pancake

Cost: $19.99-27.99

Throw: Strong


Opening Review:

I stumbled across Diamond Ring candles reading a few blogs and seeing them appear on YouTube.

What girl wouldn’t be interested in scented candle with a surprise inside? I love candles and bling! So of course I wanted to give them a try. I got that chance this past Christmas when my sweet husband bought me a few to try.

Initial Sniff:

Wild Berry pancake is usually a scent I wouldn’t pick up in store for myself, (maple scents are not my favorite), but with this candle you get a soft berry note mixed with a warm bakery scent. Smells of fresh fluffy pancakes your mom use to make, you know the ones fresh off the griddle glazed with a bit of butter and stacked high on your plate for you to devour? Yum!  A hint of maple is mixed in to finish of the smell and blend it together nicely.

How the candle burned:

This candle burned beautifully and burned for what seemed like forever I might add. As long as I stayed on top of trimming the wicks, no soot was present. With soy candles you do get a bit of residue on the sides of the jar but that is to be expected because of the way they burn.

Closing Review:

Though this normally wasn’t a candle I’d pick up for myself, I am so happy that my husband chose this scent for me! It is definitely a winner and I will want to have more of this scent in the future. As for the ring inside you also receive a code that you can redeem online for a chance to customize a ring worth up to $5000.00. I received an orange tinted oval ring and unfortunately I did not win this time. No tears here, I am very happy with the candle and to me; the candle is the best part! 😀

Until Next Burn,


Scent Throw: 4/5 (Filled a Medium size bedroom, but not overpowering)

Presentation: 5/5 (Beautiful Reusable Jar. Picture of berry pancakes, who doesn’t love Pancakes?!)

Burn Performance: 5/5 (As any candle, Stay on those wicks!)

Would I Repurchase? Yes!

Note: This scent may not be available at this time, I am not certain if this is a scent Diamond Ring Candle Company brings back every year.



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