*Second Front Porch Haul *

*Second Front Porch Haul *

I’m coming at you with a small haul!  I placed another order with front porch and I couldn’t help myself this week so I have another small one on its way 😀 . I am really enjoying Angie’s wax! Her wax has such an amazing throw even after hours of melting. I’ve been able to get a few days melts out of one tart. Once I get a few scents under my belt and learn which Front Porch scents are my favorite I’ll be placing some larger orders. So far my absolute favorite from her would be the Pink Peppermint Lavender! If you haven’t tried this one, give it a shot!



  1. Gain Laundry- 4 pack Grubby Tarts (Smells exactly as its named! Boy they weren’t playing around with the laundry fragrance on this one! So fresh and so clean, clean! Very strong on cold, I will probably start out with a half of a tart in my warmer.)
  2. Lemon Chamomile- Individual Grubby Tart (A very calming scent on cold)
  3. Banana Cream Pie- 4 Pack Grubby Tarts (Smells delicious on cold! I really picked up on the pie crust and then the top note of a creamy whipped banana filling, Yum!)
  4. Raspberry Cream Tea– 4 Pack Grubby Tarts (Repurchase!) MMM.. pipping hot raspberry tea with a hint of cream. On cold this one does not smell pleasant, Hey I’m just being honest. This tarts scent truly comes out when it melts. It really is true that you cant judge a scent by its cold sniff.
  5. Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll– Individual Grubby Tart (I didn’t care for this one on cold, too much cinnamon for my liking. I have my fingers crossed that the cream cheese will be present when i melt this one.

Which of these sounds the best to you? What is your favorite Front Porch fragrance? Let me know, give me a shout!

If you liked this one check out my first Front Porch Haul Here.


Until next Haul,


To check out this vendor, link is below



  Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the companies I mention or may include links for in my blogs for your convenience.


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