Banana Nut Bread- A Crossroads Original Designs Candle Review

Banana Nut Bread- A Crossroads Original Designs Candle Review


Brand: Crossroads Original Designs

Product: 2 Wick 16oz Jar

Scent: Banana Nut Bread

Cost: $16.99

Throw: Strong



Opening Review:

I found out about Crossroads Candles watching YouTube reviews from a guy named Shawn on his channel Hearth and Soul. He was hosting a giveaway from them and a discount code that offered 40% off a $50 purchase. I decided that this was my chance to give their candles a try! I got two 16oz. candles including the banana nut bread and cotton candy,a mason jar candle in the scent smores, a clam shell wax tart in the scent melon burst and a candle wick trimmer.

Initial Sniff:

I really like real banana nut bread, the real deal with all its creamy bready goodness.  Now that I have discovered I am gluten sensitive I can no longer eat the baked goods I once could. So I figured since it was one of my favorites, why not enjoy the smell of it without the calories anyways?

****Warning: Even on cold sniff, this candle will make you crave banana bread. When lit you could experience tempting side effects to grab a spoon and eat the wax; Please do not eat the candle as wax is not food****  😛

Oh my goodness, this candle. It took me several days to allow myself to finally burn it but once I did..  0.0 This is baked good heaven! It’s a fresh from the oven scent with top notes of fresh cinnamon and nutmeg which complement the bread and banana giving it an extra zing. Every time I lit this candle in a matter of minutes my bedroom and kitchen smelled like I had been baking banana bread all afternoon. This scent is divine! I can sniff and pick out each scent note in this beautiful blend down to the toasted walnuts that give the bread that crunch. Some scent blends have notes that aren’t always present so this was a winner combination with all scents equally distributed and nothing over powering the other.

How the candle burned:

This candle burned great! The wicks are a bit different with Crossroads candles as they have a unique double wick design that they use. The wicks are very long upon purchase so it’s your decision if you would like to trim them down a bit. I usually do not trim on first burn.

Closing Review:

This candle is one of my favorites and will be one I will continue to buy from them to keep in my stash when I’m craving a good bakery candle. Usually I am not one for bakery scents but this one definitely blew me away! Can’t recommend this one enough!

Until Next Burn,


Scent Throw: 5/5 (Filled a Medium size bedroom and traveled into my kitchen and living room but not overpowering)

Presentation: 5/5 (Very clean rustic type feel, Scent lock lids on the jars were nice but could be a bit tricky to get on and off)

Burn Performance: 5/5 (As any candle, Stay on those wicks!)

Would I Repurchase? Yes!

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