House of Usher Wax Museum Haul

raven  House of Usher Wax Museum Haul raven

Hello Yall! I’m coming at you with a House of Usher Wax museum Haul (hints the title ha ha)image

This is a first with this vendor but definitely not my last. What caught my eye with this company were their themes, for example Harry Potter and Once Upon a Time! You may not know this about me just yet but I am a huge Harry Potter nerd. I was crushed when I missed their two Harry Potter themed Boxes. *sighs* maybe next time! The boxes looked incredible! I will go into further detail about this vendor and their boxes in another blog so stay tuned!

What I ordered:

*All below descriptions are cold sniffs and I will have to give later reviews as you can’t judge a scent by cold throw. *

*If there is a scent that strikes your fancy and you would like a more detailed review please leave a comment letting me know on which one or ones*

  • RTS Banana Nut Zucchini Bread- I had high hopes for this one as I am also really loving Banana nut bread and Zucchini bread scents! On cold it doesn’t really smell like much. I’m hoping on warm the breads scents and banana nut will come out.
  •  RTS Floo Powder Tart- (Harry Potter Line)- The scent description online says its “Mac apple on top of fresh from the oven cornbread covered in a banana, caramel butterscotch sauce.” This one is just STRONG. Whew. You can really pick up notes of the butterscotch and cornbread with hints of apple.  This one may be a little too strong for me to warm but I’ll try and give it a shot.
  • RTS Owl- Sleepy Time Tea- Ever smelled Celestial Seasonings Sleepy time Herbal Tea from Wal-Mart? Yep! I am loving tea scents right now so I hope this one will be a great one on warm. The owl is HUGGGE and can be cut for multiple uses.
  • RTS Mexican Fried Ice Cream- Smells exactly like what it’s named. A creamy vanilla ice cream rolled in a cinnamon doughy batter and fried to perfection! Yum!
  • RTS Sleepy Peppermint- I love me some peppermint! On cold this is a very light peppermint lavender type scent. Reminds me of another vendor’s scent I am obsessed with so we will see if we have ourselves a dupe!
  • RTS Rum & Coke- Smells exactly like a fizzy effervescent drink. The cola syrup scent is true to the original you would drink from an actual cola. I do not personally drink alcoholic beverages so I’m not the best to review what rum smells like, but we will see if I can detect an alcohol scent when warming.
  • RTS Molly Brown-(Titanic Line)-This smells very elegant, a very charming scent. But look who its representing! The “Unsinkable” Molly Brown! I can’t lay a finger on what this exactly smells like other than a perfume note but maybe once I melt it I can figure out the mystery!

Until Next Haul,

To check out this vendor, link is below

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the companies I mention or may include links for in my blogs for your convenience.


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