Yankee Candle Tart Review- Candy Cane Lane

Yankee Candle Tart Review- Candy Cane Lane


Brand: Yankee Candle Company

Product: Tart (Wax Melt) by Yankee Candle

Scent: Candy Cane Lane

Cost: $1.00

Yankee’s scent Description:A favorite holiday place where delicious dreams are made, with tingly peppermint, sweet cookies and creamy vanilla icing.”


Opening to review:

When I placed my first online order with Yankee Candle (the closest store I have that sells Yankee Candles is about 30-35 minutes from where I live). I had never melted one of their wax tarts so i wanted to try a few. I had heard great things of course. I could always remember these tarts my mom would keep in our drawers around the house to make everything smell nice. I believe they were in their strawberry scent. The strong scent they would give off just in a drawer with no heat and completely wrapped in their plastic wrapper was unbelievable! I had high expectations of these little guys.  When I went online they had their Christmas scents on sale so I grabbed up Candy Cane Lane (mm-mm peppermint!) and a Snowflake Cookie. When my package arrived I dove straight in and went for my warmer. When I unwrapped my tart.. what I discovered didn’t meet my expectations…

Initial smell:

Before un-wrapping the plastic I pressed the tart to my nose and could smell a light scent of peppermint. I couldn’t grasp any vanilla or sweet cookies which would be okay because I’m still all for a peppermint scent. I started un-wrapping the tart when I noticed a little red sand like consistency falling from the wrapper. I just shrugged thinking a little debris would be normal and continued. Thank goodness I was in my kitchen over my counter because the whole tart started crumpling into tiny grains until I had nothing left but red wax dust in my hand. What the heck? Was the wax that dry that it would just fall apart? Well I figured better not let it go to waste and dumped what I could in the melting bowl of my warmer plate and let it go. You would think that since the tart was no longer much of a solid form it would melt down fast. Wrong-o. It took at least over an hour and a half and when I was entering in and out of my melting room of choice that day (the kitchen, NOTE: I have a small kitchen) I couldn’t smell a thing.  Hovering over the warmer I could pick up the faintest of smells but it wasn’t peppermint. I didn’t know what the scent was at that point and the wax had changed to a gooey consistency so I had enough. I unplugged my warmer and poured the wax out.



I was really disappointed in this tart. It had no scent throw, crumbled to a zillion pieces literally and just made more of a stress and mess then an enjoyment. Hopefully not all their tarts have become this way and I had just received one from a bad batch. As of right now I’m not sure I will be repurchasing any tarts from Yankee Candle.

Until Next Melt,


Scent Throw: 0/5 None. When cleaning out the warmer from the gooped up wax, the scent even changed to a funky unknown scent.The website claims to have room filling fragrance UP to 8 hours…. not with this tart.

Repurchase: No. As of right now i do not plan to buy any more Yankee tarts. (Sorry guys i told you id be honest with you all.)

Stash or Destash? Went in the trash. So destash in its own way i guess.


5 thoughts on “Yankee Candle Tart Review- Candy Cane Lane

  1. jaybird says:

    I agree. I love my Yankee tarts. I’ve only gotten one that disintegrated into crumbles. I kept in bag and returned to store, but I do have one located nearby. Good luck if you try again.
    -jaybird @thecandleenthusiast.wordpress.com


  2. Anna says:

    This comment comes really late, but I found this blog during a google search of “how to unwrap a Yankee Candle tart.” I’ve been buying them for a long time (years) and I just unwrapped yet another dry, crumbly tart. They have ALWAYS done this to one degree or another. I have to unwrap them over a paper towel, and still those little wax crumbs fly all over and are hard to clean up. I wondered if there was some trick to opening them.
    I’m about done with YC tarts— so many of them have poor throw/ scent. A few exceptions are Autumn Leaves, Midsummer’s Night, and November Rain—I’ll always buy those. But I think the reason for YC tarts’ poor throw and dry crumbly texture is that YC doesn’t use enough fragrance oils.
    Most of the tarts I buy are Better Homes and Gardens and Scentsational from Walmart. They’re MUCH better on all counts, and they’re six tarts for $2. Plus the selection is huge…I call it the Wall o’ Wax.

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    • themeltdownblog says:

      Ah, someone who understands! Usually I get the people who swears by Yankee and has no problem from their products. I joke and say that I have the Yankee Curse because their tarts and candles usually have no throw and that their tarts just fall apart on me. I’m tired of spending hard earned money for performance like that. I must admit that I have recently bought from their ‘new formula’ that states to have more fragrance and is offered at Wal-Mart as their American Home colldction that I will be reviewing on here soon. Hopefully that will preform better.
      I agree that BHG and Scentsationals are very lovely!
      Thanks for stopping by and reading!


  3. Michelle says:

    I purchased 20 tarts. The first three crumbled as soon as I took the plastic covering off. Making a huge mess that was difficult to clean.
    Because these were purchased through a fundraiser I was told to contact yankee candle myself.
    What a disappointment!

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