Yankee Candle Tart Review- Candy Cane Lane

Yankee Candle Tart Review- Candy Cane Lane


Brand: Yankee Candle Company

Product: Tart (Wax Melt) by Yankee Candle

Scent: Candy Cane Lane

Cost: $1.00

Yankee’s scent Description:A favorite holiday place where delicious dreams are made, with tingly peppermint, sweet cookies and creamy vanilla icing.”


Opening to review:

When I placed my first online order with Yankee Candle (the closest store I have that sells Yankee Candles is about 30-35 minutes from where I live). I had never melted one of their wax tarts so i wanted to try a few. I had heard great things of course. I could always remember these tarts my mom would keep in our drawers around the house to make everything smell nice. I believe they were in their strawberry scent. The strong scent they would give off just in a drawer with no heat and completely wrapped in their plastic wrapper was unbelievable! I had high expectations of these little guys.  When I went online they had their Christmas scents on sale so I grabbed up Candy Cane Lane (mm-mm peppermint!) and a Snowflake Cookie. When my package arrived I dove straight in and went for my warmer. When I unwrapped my tart.. what I discovered didn’t meet my expectations…

Initial smell:

Before un-wrapping the plastic I pressed the tart to my nose and could smell a light scent of peppermint. I couldn’t grasp any vanilla or sweet cookies which would be okay because I’m still all for a peppermint scent. I started un-wrapping the tart when I noticed a little red sand like consistency falling from the wrapper. I just shrugged thinking a little debris would be normal and continued. Thank goodness I was in my kitchen over my counter because the whole tart started crumpling into tiny grains until I had nothing left but red wax dust in my hand. What the heck? Was the wax that dry that it would just fall apart? Well I figured better not let it go to waste and dumped what I could in the melting bowl of my warmer plate and let it go. You would think that since the tart was no longer much of a solid form it would melt down fast. Wrong-o. It took at least over an hour and a half and when I was entering in and out of my melting room of choice that day (the kitchen, NOTE: I have a small kitchen) I couldn’t smell a thing.  Hovering over the warmer I could pick up the faintest of smells but it wasn’t peppermint. I didn’t know what the scent was at that point and the wax had changed to a gooey consistency so I had enough. I unplugged my warmer and poured the wax out.



I was really disappointed in this tart. It had no scent throw, crumbled to a zillion pieces literally and just made more of a stress and mess then an enjoyment. Hopefully not all their tarts have become this way and I had just received one from a bad batch. As of right now I’m not sure I will be repurchasing any tarts from Yankee Candle.

Until Next Melt,


Scent Throw: 0/5 None. When cleaning out the warmer from the gooped up wax, the scent even changed to a funky unknown scent.The website claims to have room filling fragrance UP to 8 hours…. not with this tart.

Repurchase: No. As of right now i do not plan to buy any more Yankee tarts. (Sorry guys i told you id be honest with you all.)

Stash or Destash? Went in the trash. So destash in its own way i guess.


2 thoughts on “Yankee Candle Tart Review- Candy Cane Lane

  1. jaybird says:

    I agree. I love my Yankee tarts. I’ve only gotten one that disintegrated into crumbles. I kept in bag and returned to store, but I do have one located nearby. Good luck if you try again.
    -jaybird @thecandleenthusiast.wordpress.com


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