Eagle Rock Candle Company Review- 7- Up Pound Cake Clamshell

Eagle Rock Candle Company Review- 7- Up Pound Cake Clamshell


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Brand:  Eagle Rock Candle Company

Scent:  7-Up pound Cake

Price: $2.74 Each.

Product: 3.4oz 100% Soy Wax Break-Away Wax Melt

Cube Count:  6 count

Online Scent Description:A perfect blend of warm cake, almond, lemon, lime, vanilla, and sugar.”


This is the first clamshell scent listed on Eagle Rock Candle Company’s website. The name of this melt caught my attention immediately as I have seen this scent around on a few other vendors scent list and it had sparked my interest. I figured while I was ordering with ERCC and they offer free shipping id give this scent a go!

Initial thoughts:

On cold I really pick up the 7-up effervescent lemon- lime scent. Smells just like a cold 7-up right out of the can with all its carbonated bubbly goodness with a touch of vanilla. I was just itching to throw this in my warmer so I was only able to give this clamshell a two week cure time before I just couldn’t stand it any longer! I started off with two cubes in my warmer plate. As I suspected, this scent was even more delicious on warm. The scent changed from a cold carbonated beverage type smell with notes of vanilla to warm, buttery, fresh from the oven, vanilla cake with notes of lemon and lime. The carbonation gave the aroma a playful effect on the nose topping this fragrance off with a little kick.

Closing Review:

I am very pleased with the way this melt preformed for me and the strong scent throw it gave off. Days after melting the two cubes I began with I finally had to dump out the wax and start fresh with a new scent as I wanted to smell something different before the wax had lost its fragrance. I’d call that great wax! I would highly recommend giving this one a go even if you are not one to usually go for bakery scents.

Until Next Melt,

Scent Throw: 5/5

Stash or Destash? Stash up on this one!

Repurchase? Yes I would repurchase this scent in a heartbeat!

Purchase this melt and others like it here: 


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the companies I mention or may include links for in my blogs for your convenience.



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