Cherry Turnover Scented Candle- Diamond Ring Candle Review

Cherry Turnover Scented Candle- Diamond Ring Candle Review



Brand: Diamond Ring Candles

Product: 21 oz. one wick scented Diamond Ring Candle

Scent: Cherry Turnover

Cost: $19.99-27.99

Scent Throw: Strong

Opening Review:

This is my second candle I pulled from my Diamond Ring Candle haul I received from my Hubby this past Christmas. If you have never heard of Diamond Ring Candles, this candle company includes a cute ring inside each candle. You also receive a code that you can redeem online for a chance to customize a ring worth up to $5000.00. Even if your code isn’t a winner never fear, you still have a good quality candle and a fun ring to add to your jewelry box.

Initial Sniff:

Upon opening the lid to this candle there’s a strong cherry note present on cold sniff, which is to be expected from the name. Once lit the scent becomes a warm ‘out of the oven’ smell with a hot cherry jam center. The cherry note is the fragrance of real cherry, not what you’d find manufactured chemically in a factory. Mixed in is a vanilla fragrance to make it not a sickeningly sweet cherry. The throw on this candle is incredible. If you are not a cherry fan, this candle isn’t for you because my whole apartment smelled of cherry turnovers in a matter of a few minutes.

How the candle burned:

I would give this candle an A+ for an excellent burn for a soy candle. Excellent wax pool each time, long burns. Soy wax residue on sides of glass to be expected but burned all the way to the bottom with no wasted wax. Closer to the end of the candle there was a little soot around the rim of the jar because I didn’t watch the wicks as close.


Closing Review:

So far I am very happy with these candles. They burn long and smooth all the way to the bottom, their scent throw is outstanding and you get a fun surprise inside! What’s not to love?! My only complaint that I can find is in their price tag which has also gone up from $24.99 a candle to $27.99. Certain scents appear on sale for $19.99 if out of season but their options will be limited. I will be waiting for a good sale or only buy on clearance, but if you have the money in your budget to splurge on yourself, these are good candles to go for!

Until next burn,

Scent Throw:5/5 Strong, room filling fragrance!

Presentation: 5/5 Very nice tall jars, perfect to reuse.I have reused mine to hold my review

Burn Performance: 4/5 Very little soot at the end.

Would I Repurchase? Yes, but only on sale.


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