Sweet Pea Wax Review- Mainstays

Sweet Pea Wax Review- Mainstays


Brand: Mainstays (Distributed by Wal-Mart Stores Inc. )

Scent: Sweet Pea

Price:$ 0.93

Product: 1.25oz (35.4g) Clam Shell Wax Cubes

Cube Count: 6 cube


Mainstays scents is one of the many brands Wal-Mart offers in its candle and home fragrance department. Out of Mainstays scents there are tons to choose from whether it be fruity or bakery, floral or clean there is a smell for everyone and every nose in between!

Initial thoughts:

Floral scents are usually not a scent I reach for when picking out fragrances for my home but when I smelled this I was in awe of how fresh and uplifting the scent was. I thought this would be a good fragrance to melt when entertaining guest or when your home just needs a quick pick me up. Both bold and delicate notes are mixed together to create this wonderful fragrance. First I catch a very strong, sweet, fruity scent but then it’s quickly chased with the delicate floral note. Don’t let this name fool you; this is a very strong fragrance even on cold sniff. I began with two cubes in my warmer as I normally would and in a matter of minutes the room was filled with fragrance. I was so surprised by this melts throw. Previously two of these type cubes I would only get a light throw but man did this one take me for a loop! I would even dare to say you would be fine with having just one cube if you had a small to medium room; unless you are one to like a knock out fragrance. These cubes were a bit different than the normal packaging the cubes come in. They were in a thinner packaging, only having a 1.25oz pour vs. the normal packing that holds 2.5oz of wax. The container still allows for 6 scented cubes just at a smaller dose. The size didn’t stop the powerful scent throw these gave off. I would still suggest starting off with only one or two of the cubes in your warmer and then gradually add as you see fit per your preference.


Closing Review:

I was really impressed with this smaller package of wax cubes. For less than a buck they really delivered.

The smaller option allows you to try a scent without having to commit to a large package. I recommend going to your local Wal-Mart and checking these out.

I will be back in the store for more for sure! 😛

Until next Burn, (in this case Melt)

Scent Throw: 5/5 Wooowwwza  yay for great smells under a dollar!

Presentation: 5/5 enjoyed the smaller packaging option.

Stash or Destash? This is one I wouldn’t mind buying again!

Repurchase? Yes I would see myself repurchasing this scent to keep in my wax box.
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