WaxJunkieMelts Review!

                                                            *WaxJunkieMelts Review*


Vendor: WaxJunkieMelts

Scent: Bella (Pink Sugar & Vintage Rose)

Product: Rose Blossom 2oz. Melt

Throw: Strong


I am very happy to report that someone very dear to all of us in the wax community is opening up shop and will have her very own line of wax! That’s right, Sierra aka the Wax Junkie (@WaxJunkieReviews) is pouring wax!! How exciting!

I had the chance to try out her wax because she was sweet enough to send me some wax mail!

Scent review:

When I opened my package, this was the first thing I could smell! I was torn as I couldn’t wait to put this in my warmer but I also knew that it would end in me having to damage the melt. I mean have you seen how beautiful this rose is!? I finally gave in, cut the rose in half and threw half in my Glade warmer. In a matter of minutes my review room (bedroom) was filled with fragrance with only half a melt! That is impressive! My room smelled of pure elegance with almost a perfume aroma. The floral rose scent is the top note in this fragrance with the pink sugar blending this into a sweet sugared rose. It reminds me of tea parties I’d have as a child where we would dress up in fancy dresses and sit around old, lace covered tables arranged with an aging rose centerpiece. This scent brings back memories and is just a gorgeous fragrance. I am not one to usually go for floral scents but this is definitely a winner for me and it is a change of pace in scents which is nice. She has definitely opened my nose to floral blends!

I melted the half of rose all afternoon and it was still giving off amazing throw late into the evening!


I was very pleased with this fragrance and cannot wait to get my hands on more of her products! I would highly recommend throwing this scent in your cart when she opens her store, you won’t regret it!!

I am very proud of Sierra for taking this step in opening her wax business and I wish her the very best! She is an amazing person and I can’t wait to see what is to come!

Until Next Melt,

Check out her page here


Repurchase? 100% Yes!

Stash or Destash
? Stash for sure!

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