Yankee Melt Adventures Continue..

Well I didn’t think I would be back anytime soon bringing you talk on Yankee Melts.. But here I am. If you have been with me for any period of time reading my blog, you have read my mishap with Yankee’s Melts. So I am a little hesitant as I bring these to you today and as I further review them.  So lets dive in. It may be fun, maybe worth it? After all I have heard so many of you out there adore these melts and have told me not to give up on them.

My sweet husband surprised me with some wax mail that included a bundle of these and three clamshells from another vendor off Amazon named Hat Creek Candle. I will include a picture below for your viewing pleasure! He ordered a Yankee Tart grab bag off Amazon and with Amazon Prime it arrived quickly with free shipping too! With grab bags it can be a hit or miss but I would say I like 7 out of 10 of the scents so that’s pretty good! Now onto the haul!


Yankee Melts and 3 Clamshells by a vendor named Hat Creek Candle.

I have smelled all of these on cold and this is what I think of each. The first three on the list are not my favorite. Some are already a bit crumbly, so we will see what happens when I get ready to melt them. Stay tuned for future reviews! Let me know in the comments if there is one that strikes your fancy and you would like a further review.

Yankee Melts:

  • Sugar & Spice: Whew! This one is very strong! I can pick up bread notes on cold followed by a mix of spices.
  • Holiday Sage: Holiday Garland. Sure there is a sage aroma in there, but this smells like garland. Christmas or winter melt if I decide to melt this one
  • Pumpkin Ginger Bark: This one is also very STRONG. So strong it kind of turns my stomach. The pumpkin spice and ginger are the strongest notes. This may be a little too strong for me but this is definitely going to be a Fall melt if I were to melt this.
  • French Lavender: very herbal, strong lavender with a hint of vanilla.
  • Aloe Water: Clean, zen scent. If you know what aloe vera gel or the plant smells like, this is what this melt smells of.
  • Garden Sweet Pea: This one surprised me. My nose must be opening up to floral scents. This smells like an afternoon stroll through a garden.
  • Lush Berries: Very sweet sugared berry. I think I will really enjoy this one.
  • Green Grass: This one also surprised me. I actually like it. Very fresh, masculine. I expected it to smell like patchouli *shudders* >.< or a chaotic earthy scent, so I was pleasantly surprised.
  • Coastal Breeze: Very fresh, ocean like. Almost reminds me of clean cotton fresh.
  • Cranberry Chutney: Love anything cranberry so this is right up my alley of scents!

Yankee Melt Adventures to be continued!

Until Next Haul (in this case a sweet gift!)

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