*FreshPickedScents Giveaway Goodies*

*FreshPickedScents Giveaway Goodies*



Disclaimer: I am in no way bragging by any means by posting this. I just want to share (and have been asked to share) with the wax community the wax I received in the giveaway and discuss some of the scents this vendor has to offer so you too can get some of these amazing scents. The items below were gifted to me and I am appreciative of everything!

So if you are still here, great! Good to have you! Let’s get started!

I couldn’t believe i won this! I was in total awe that i had won two giveaways.. guys i truly never win anything.. ever. I know people say that all the time but it truly is the case with me. So I am unbelievably grateful for everything!

When I first opened the package I was in awe of how beautifully packaged everything was!  (Picture below) It just made opening the box even more exciting! (If that is even possible!?)

There were just so many amazing goodies in here! Also included was a sample package of their handmade facial lotion bars! So excited to give those a try! These are what you will see in the large clear plastic container at the top right of the picture.

Now onto the wax! The wax came in several different shapes, sizes and colors! So fun! Some have a smooth topped finish while the others are spiced up with touches of glitter! Everything looks amazing and very professional!


Below I discuss what I have smelled on cold and will have to melt before I can do further review


  1. Package of 4- Bunny Shaped Tarts– (Mystery Scent?) These came to me unlabeled and I cannot place a finger on what this smells like. Sorry to not be much help with describing this one! Maybe once I melt it I can solve the mystery!
  2. Cherry Orange Slushie- Bunny Single Tart– Mmmmmmmmm! Smells like an orange cream push pop with a hint of cherry! Cannot wait to pop this one into my warmer!
  3. Zen Bunny-Single Tart- This one is fresh! Like a rain shower in a lush forest fresh! I can really pick up on the greenery notes. It’s like a breath of fresh air!
  4. Mystery Man- Single Tart- This is a sexy fragrance! A blend of a man’s cologne and musk.
  5. Pink Pearls -Bunny Single Tart- On first sniff I get a light fruity scent which is then followed by musky undertones and hints of vanilla. As the name sounds, this is a very sophisticated scent.
  6. Candied Fruit -Single Tart Flower- This one is strong on cold! But boy does it smell good!!! If you are a fan of Sugared Melon Kiwi from Wal-Mart’s Better Home and Gardens line, give this one a try! This one is a stronger much sweeter version of that! My husband is going to love it for sure!
  7. Caramel Apple -Single Tart- Can we just start out by saying… WOWZA! This is amazing you guys! This smells exactly like a caramel apple you would pick up at a state fair or an amusement park! It’s ridiculous how comparable this melt smells to the real thing, right down to the fresh picked granny smith apple! This is a must try!!! One of my favorites from this giveaway!
  8. Berry Banana Crush- Bunny Single Tart- Smells exactly as it sounds, a perfect banana and berry blend! Ooo this one is soo good!
  9. Berry Flirt -Bunny Single Tart: This is a blend of berry and the musk I smelled previously in the Pink Pearls and Mystery Man tart. Has an aroma of a girls perfume to it.
  10. This is Bliss -Bunny Single Tart: I can really pick up on a strong strawberry scent. This is a very tart fruity blend melt.

I cannot wait to give all these scents a try! Leave a comment below if there is a scent you are curious about and would like further reviews on!

Until next haul,


You can check out this vendor here, link below!



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