Wild Vine Soapery Giveaway Goodies

Wild Vine Soapery Giveaway Goodies

Disclaimer: I am in no way bragging by any means by posting this. I just want to share (and have been asked to share) with the wax community the wax I received in the giveaway and discuss some of the scents this vendor has to offer so you too can get some of these amazing scents. The items below were gifted to me and I am appreciative of everything!

I was in shock when I had won this contest of Lindsey’s! My first giveaway win! To know I was going to be getting more of her awesome product…. oh my word yay!!!  She is just an incredibly sweet person and she really knows her blends! If you haven’t tried her wax yet, you must!

I would link you to my first Haul from her… but it has mysteriously vanished. Poof.Gone. When I went searching for it for this post, I came up empty handed. So I apologize greatly and I will continue to search to recover it. If you follow me on Instagram I have posted several pictures of what I received from this haul and I will be posting more from her next restock so stay tuned!


Giveaway wax Goodies:

  1. Dirty -Scent Shot– A Lush dupe, smells very masculine with hints of spearmint
  2. Sex Bomb- Scent Shot- A Lush dupe, this smells spot on to the bath bomb! This is one of my favorite bath bombs because of its scent, so I am so hooked to this one! Must have more! ^.^
  3. Rose Jam- Wax Melt Rose- A Lush dupe,  a beautiful rose blend with hints of citrus. Reminds me of a fancy champagne.


Extra Goodies Included: She did not have to send any extras, but again she is the sweetest!

  1. Gummy Bear- Scent Shot-(KnickKnaxWax) I haven’t had the chance to try this vendor before, so I was super excited to see this in my package! Smells so good, as if you had just opened up a package of gummy bear candy.
  2. Lemon Ice Cream Scoop Bread- Scent Shot- (Candy Panda) I am currently waiting on a sampler I bought as I have never tried anything from this vendor either, So I was super excited to see this as well. This is so good; I can’t imagine what it will smell like warm! No scent description needed!
  1. Blueberry Ice Cream Scoop -Single Grubby- (Front Porch) As you know, I am a Front Porch fanatic. This scent is something I probably wouldn’t pick up for myself so I’m so glad Lindsey put it in my package! Thanks girly!
  2. A special Wild Vine Soapery original- Will have to leave this one a secret for now! Shh 😉

Until Next Haul,

To check out this vendor link below,




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