Wax Chat 2. How Do You Clean Your Warmer?

Wax Chat 2.

How Do You Clean Your Warmer?

Previously here on Wax Chat, we discussed the many ways of extinguishing candles. You can read that article here. If candles aren’t your thing then today is just for you, aka the melters! Join me as I discuss the many ways available to cleaning out your warmer plate from that hard to remove dried up wax.

  1. The Freezer Method

With this method you would put your warmer dish (or in a situation where your warmer doesn’t have a removable bowl, the whole warmer) in the freezer for a few minutes to an hour. After removing the dish from the freezer, you will notice the hardened wax has shrunk away from the sides of the bowl. Applying a little pressure towards the wax and with a little help from the heat of your hands the remaining wax should pop out and you can then throw away the ‘disk’ of wax into the trash. This is a cleaner and more efficient way of disposing your wax if you have the time and patience. This takes a bit more time as you must wait for the wax to pull away from the bowl for easy disposal then let your dish/warmer return back to room temperature before heating again. I also do not suggest putting your entire warmer into the freezer as I do not know how the cold would affect the electric wiring overtime. When I am done melting for the night and I have melted all the fragrance oil from the wax or I know I will want a new scent the next day, I will go ahead and let it freeze overnight so it will be ready first thing in the morning!

2. The Hot Pour Method

I am guilty of this one myself when I am not patient enough to wait on the freezer method. I will say that this one is the messiest if you aren’t careful. I suggest using a paper towel to hold under the rim of the warmer dish as you pour to prevent burns from hot wax and stop those pesky drips from reaching the bottom of the dish causing the bowl to stick to the warmer as it cools. Wipe the inside of your dish clean with a paper towel and you are ready to start melting!
3. Scouring Method

This involves taking a knife and running across the dried wax making indent lines into the wax in different directions until the wax loosens and pops out in several fragments. I haven’t always been able to get this technique to work for me and it just becomes a very messy cleanup afterwards. If you are not careful you will scratch the bottom of your dish.
4. Ice Cube Method

This one is still new to me as I have never tried it. With this method you are supposed to be able to take an ice cube and rub the solid wax around the rim of the dish to loosen up the wax similar to the freezer technique. The drop in temperature helps free the wax from the sides of the dish for easy disposal. I have heard this works and has been claimed to be one of the best ways. Let me know!
5. Cotton Ball/Paper Towel Method

Saved my favorite for last! This one works best for me when I’m inpatient and want to continue melting. For me this one and the freezer method work best for me. This way allows for quick and clean disposal. Simply take a few cotton balls (I keep an old Bath & Body Works candle jar full of them beside my warmer just for this) and drop them into the liquefied wax. Watch as the cotton balls soak up the wax. (I help speed up the process by poking the cotton with my fingers so it soaks up more wax faster) Then remove cotton balls with a paper towel (or hands if this is your preference, but wash hands after doing so)or tissue and wipe clean. When you dispose of them your trashcan will smell marvelous ( I usually throw mine away in the bathroom to help keep it smelling great) or if you recycle and have a fireplace or pit, these make great fire starters!

So just like extinguishing candles, it’s up to you and what suits you best! That’s the beauty of wax! There isn’t a wrong way of doing it and whether it’s burning candles or melting wax, you are free to do as you please. It’s up to you so what are you waiting for!?

Go melt something great! Happy Melting Everyone

Until next Wax Chat,
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