Strawberry White Cake- A Wild Vine Soapery Review

Strawberry White Cake- A Wild Vine Soapery Review

Scent: Strawberry White Cake

Brand/Vendor: Wild Vine Soapery

Price: $1.20

Product: Cake shaped wax melts

Cube/Tart Count: 2 per package

Online Scent Description: “Fresh Baked white cake combined with Fresh Strawberries make the perfect summer delight.”

Scent Throw: Super Strong!




I came across this scent in my first order with Wild Vine Soapery. The scent description sounded mouthwatering so I knew I had to try it. The only type of cake I really crave is angel food cake and with me being gluten free and unable to have such sweets, I have been on the hunt for the perfect angel food cake melt with a hint of strawberry and cream you would normally garnish the top with! The result of this melts fragrance left me quite pleased.

Initial thoughts:

Upon receiving my first order and sniffing my way through my new wax, I quickly realized I had made a mistake in not ordering more! Seriously if you have not tried this vendor you are missing out. On cold sniff this tart smelled super strong. I was able to take this melt with me to work (and as I type this for you lovelies, I have one beside me throwing beautifully on cold!) and it made my office smell of delicious white cake topped with fresh picked strawberries and whipped cream! Yum! This melt will have no problem holding its own in a large house. I melted a whole tart my first time warming this and I think the next time I melt this I will only use half for my small apartment.

I had said previously that this reminded me of a recipe my family makes using a white cake mix and a strawberry Fanta soda because this is exactly what this smells like even down to the effervescent tones that tickle your nose as you breathe in strong notes of vanilla and mounds of strawberries! It may not be an angel food cake mix but boy does it take the cake! Such cheese I know.. 😀


I strongly urge you to give this melt a try. This scent is still available in her store, so get it now! I have said numerous times that even if you aren’t a bakery fan to give these certain scents a try and I mean it! I have changed and have come to like so many scents that are under the bakery category now. I actually go looking for bakery scents! I use to not do anything sweet and bakery related! So check it out, you won’t regret it! Store information below

Repurchase? Yes already have!

Presentation? Gorgeous! These molds are soo adorable! Packaging was nicely done, wrapped individually by scent in colorful cellophane baggies and tied by twist ties.

Stash or Destash? Definitely stash! I have a growing collection of Lindsey’s wax that I love to collect!


Until Next Melt,



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