Banana Butt Wax Brittle Review- A CindysWaxTarts Review

 Banana Butt Wax Brittle Review- A CindysWaxTarts Review 

Todays Review:

Scent:  Banana Butt

Brand/Vendor:  CindysWaxTarts (Etsy)

Price: Starts at $1.25 and increases by oz. size ordered

Product: Wax Brittle

Cube/Tart Count:  Brittle (pieces/fragments of wax) Comes in 1-8 oz. bags

Online Scent Description:  “Banana Fosters, and Caramel. “

Scent Throw:  Medium to Strong




I have a serious obsession with banana scent blends right now! Anything and everything banana scented catches my nose and I want to throw it in my warmer to try! Recently I received a package from my dear friend Sierra, aka the Wax Junkie (@WaxJunkieReviews) that included a new form of wax I had never had before from a vendor I had yet to try. This is when I was introduced and became instantly hooked to Cindy’s wax brittle!

Initial thoughts:

On first sniff I was hooked. If it smelled this fabulous on cold I couldn’t imagine what it would be like on warm. As for the looks of the wax, I cannot begin to describe to you how perfect every flake of glitter seems to be placed on each piece of wax and how it shines beautifully in my bulb warmer.

Now I must explain that plain banana scents aren’t my favorite. I prefer it to be blended with other scents but something that will not take away from the banana like a fruit blend normally would. This blend was perfect! To start off for those who may not know what a banana foster is, it is a dessert made from bananas and vanilla ice cream with a sauce made from butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, dark rum, and banana liqueur. Umm… YUM!

I am uncertain if Cindy added all of these fragrance oils to this blend. I was able to pick up on the caramel and vanilla which the caramel added a touch of sweetness and complemented the banana while the vanilla note enriched the fragrance adding a creamy, rich tone to the blend. I really like how the banana is the key note in this fragrance as some banana blends can become lost in a fragrance by other scents. I was able to get a good throw with one piece of medium brittle (I was trying to savor every piece until I could order more!) but now that I have more in my stash, I will try melting two pieces/slivers the next time I melt this wax!

 Closing:                                              *Shimmer Shimmer* 

After the brittle melts away you are left with what looks like enchanted fairy water with the massive amounts of shimmer luster that cover the bottom of your warmer. Very beautiful and picture worthy! If you are a banana fan give this scent a try, you won’t be sorry!

Note: If banana isn’t for you, Cindy has a great selection of other amazing smelling brittle and melts such as cranberry lemonade wax hearts and Very Berry Cheesecake wax brittle! Check out her store, link below!


Until next melt,


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