Snow Fairy- Bunny Shaped Melt: A Wild Vine Soapery Review

Snow Fairy- Bunny Shape Melt: A Wild Vine Soapery Review


Scent:  Snow Fairy (A lush dupe)

Brand/Vendor: Wild Vine Soapery

Price: $1.50

Product: Bunny shaped wax melts

Cube/Tart Count:  3 bunnies per package

Scent Throw: Medium to Strong




“Is it a bath bomb?”




Well what could it be you ask?  It’s the popular bubblegum cotton candy sugar scent we all know and love now in wax! That’s right, for all you Snow Fairy fanatics out there you can now smell Snow Fairy all day every day if you choose!  Where do you get this lovely product you ask? Stay tuned!


Initial thoughts:

Once I became obsessed with wax I was on the lookout for several different scents; one of those scents being a lush dupe of Snow Fairy. Who wouldn’t want their house to smell like a creamy vanilla, cotton candy, pink sugar wonderland! *swoon* I’ll admit I am hooked on the shower gel and I have made a tiny bottle last for months by only using it sparingly to savor the scent.

So when I found this dupe on Wild Vine Soapery’s Website I stocked up knowing I was going to love it! This melt is spot on to the shower gel in all its rich sugary goodness! The two words that best describe this melt are pink and sugar. Have you ever just smelled something and thought that smells pink? Well dear this melt smells PINK!  I know it may be strange to describe a scent with a color but once you smell it you will know exactly what I am talking about! When I need uplifting or I have a sweet tooth, I’ll just pop one of these bunny tarts into my warmer! In my review room of choice (small bedroom) I was able to get a decent throw with one bunny tart. I don’t really look for a knock out throw when I melt but if you are one to go heavy with the scents I would suggest 1 ½ to 2 bunny tarts at a time


I was very pleased with this melt; it was exactly the fragrance I was looking for!

Note: If sweet fragrances aren’t your cup of tea then I would suggest keeping away from this one. On the other hand if you are a lush enthusiast and love sweet scents then I would highly recommend giving this one a shot and looking for it in future restocks!

Vendor Info:


Repurchase? Yes!

Presentation?  Have you seen how cute these bunny molds are?

Stash or Destash?  Definitely stash! Like I said before, I have a growing collection of Lindsey’s wax that I love to collect!


Until Next Melt,




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