Wax of the Past Part 1. April’s Wax Empties

Wax of the Past Part 1.

 April’s Wax Empties

 This is a new category of blogs I am going to start doing each month where I will go over the wax and candles I finished up the previous month! So join me and we can go through my trash together!


  • Lemon VerbenaPure Clean Soy
  • Cranberry MandarinMainstays (A Wal-Mart Brand)


Wax Melts/Tarts/Shapes/Clamshell

  • Sinus Relief Single– Grubby Tart- FP (Front Porch)
  • Banana Cream Pie– 4 Pack Grubby Tart- FP
  • Pink Lavender Peppermint– 4 Pack Grubby Tart- FP
  • Pink Lavender Peppermint -3 Single Grubby Tarts- FP
  • Cherry Cola– Single Grubby Tart- FP
  • Banana Butt Brittle– Sample- Cindyswaxtarts
  • Bella– Rose Melt- WaxJunkieMelts
  • Black Cherry -Flower Shaped Sample- Littleideaswithlove.co.uk 
  • Cactus & Sea Salt– Single Grubby Tart- FP
  • Banana Marshmallow Zucchini Bread– Single Grubby Tart- FP
  • “Thief”- Sample- SuperTarts
  • Green Apple Jolly Rancher -Sample Bunny Melt- Wild Vine Soapery
  • Sparkling Cherry Vanilla– Sample- Wild Vine Soapery
  • Strawberries & Cream– Clamshell – ScentSationals (A Wal-Mart Brand)
  • Sleepy Peppermint– Scent Shot- House of Usher Wax Museum
  • Sinus Relief -Scent Shot- Wild Vine Soapery
  • 7-Up Pound Cake -Clamshell- Eagle Rock Candle Company

Not pictured:

  • Wildberry Cheesecake -Clamshell- Better Homes & Gardens (A Wal-Mart Brand)
  • Strawberry White Cake- 2 Pack Cake melts- Wild Vine Soapery


Melts that I would repurchase from this month’s basket include:

This time I think it would be easier to tell you what I probably won’t be repurchasing because I didn’t have anything in my basket that I didn’t like this month! The two I probably won’t repurchase is the Cactus and Sea Salt by FP because it just didn’t do much for me and the Black Cherry from Littleideaswithlove because this vendor is from the UK and it makes getting her product a bit harder than most US vendors available.


Favorites from this month: (These are the tarts I melted and enjoyed the most this month!)

Pink Lavender Peppermint- FP    All-time favorite nighttime melt! Check out the review here!

Banana Butt Brittle- Cindyswaxtarts-  I had to buy more of this! So good! Perfect banana blend! Check out my review here!

Banana Cream Pie– FP- Got to have my Banana Scents! Though I have found that with FP banana blends after a few hours they turn bad.. so catch them after the 2-3 hour mark! I will discuss this when I review some of the banana blends!

Bella– I cannot wait to get more of this scent! I hated having to melt the last of my rose! Read my review here!

Strawberry White Cake– Wild Vine Soapery- Seriously, if you haven’t tried this… you are so missing out! Read my review here!


I hope you all enjoyed this! Starting to collect May’s melts and candles already! Let me know what you have been melting below! If there are any scents or vendors you have a question on let me know!


Until next Melt,


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