A CindysWaxTarts Review- Lemon Poppy Seed Scoop-able Wax

A CindysWaxTarts Review- Lemon Poppy Seed Scoop-able Wax

Brand:  CindysWaxTarts  (CindysWaxTarts.Etsy.Com)

Scent:  Lemon Poppy Seed

Price:  $1.25 (I was gifted a sample of this to review)

Product:  1 Scoop-able Wax pot. 1 oz.

Scent Throw: Medium to Strong (Depending on how many scoops used)



I was sent several samples to review for you guys by the lovely Cindy herself and I cannot wait to dig in and share with you all my thoughts and findings! Thank you again Cindy!  One of the many samples included was her scoop-able wax in the scent Lemon Poppy Seed. I was very intrigued upon finding this as I have never tested a scoop-able; so I was thrilled!


Initial thoughts:

I have been on a bakery kick lately. It’s really a problem. I can’t get enough! One of my favorites lately has been a 7-up pound cake that I recently finished from Eagle Rock Candle Company. Review here So I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement and here it landed right in my mailbox! The perfect scent choice to have sent me!

The smell of this wax on cold is enough to make me want to buy it again, very fragrant and scrumptious! Upon warming, I was sold on buying more as my room filled with fresh baked lemony goodness! This scent reminds me of fresh out of the oven, buttery pound cake with the lemon drizzled icing that’s made from fresh lemon zest that you would normally find at holiday gatherings and potlucks. Yum!

The consistency of the wax at first glance looks almost like a glittery sugar scrub in the container but when rubbed between two fingers is smooth and buttery. I was able to scoop out a small spoonful with ease. As I mentioned with the consistency earlier, it is similar to scooping out a soft body scrub, so there are no worries of bending or breaking your wax spoons with this blend! You can see my utensil of choice is a little scoop I saved from a craft kit that is perfect for a mini scoop-able as this. If you are looking for a more powerful punch with your melts a half a tsp. would be just fine. A little goes a long way so it leaves more for a later melt!

I liked the look of my warmer casting light in this picture. 


I was very pleased with the results of this scoop-able. Not only did it throw well but it also looked amazing as it glistened and shimmered in my bulb warmer. Enchanting! When I melt Cindy’s wax I will probably stick with my bulb warmer over the hot plate so that I can be sure to catch the glow of what I call “fairy water”

I have been in touch with Cindy and I believe there are plans to remove scoop-ables from her Etsy page.  Fear not! She plans to bring the beloved scents that were first known as scoop-ables including Lemon Poppy Seed back in the form of her famous wax brittle for all of us to enjoy! I believe there are a few scoop-ables left on her page so get them while you can!


You can also follow this vendor on Instagram to keep up with updates! @cindyswaxtarts


Until next Melt,

 Stash or Destash: This is a scent I will definitely want to keep around, stash!

Presentation:  Have you seen how cute her labels are? Did I mention the incredible amounts of glitter?!

Repurchase?  Yes! I plan on purchasing this scent in her wax brittle!



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