LOTM-Super Tarts Haul

LOTM Super Tarts Haul



I am a bit late getting this haul up for you all but I always think better late than never! I wanted to share my first super tarts order with you lovelies! It will be short, sweet and to the point but I plan for later reviews so stay tuned!

This is my first order with Super Tarts and I have to say I am really impressed with the detail and creativity that goes into each clam shell. I cannot wait to try more and to get my hands on a few of her half-bam bars! Each scent I received was very complex and elegant so  if you lean towards more simple blends, this vendor may not be for you. Now onto the haul! I believe my sample was in the scent “Thief” that was available the next restock which was Once Upon a Time themed.


  1. Galadriel–Himalayan Sea Salt, wood, cane sugar, sage and Sorrento lemons”

I have had the chance to melt this one and boy is it good! I threw a cube in my warmer after I took some pictures for the blog and in about a 5-10 minute span my whole living room-kitchen area smelled so clean and candy like. The top scent note is definitely the Sorrento lemons and Himalayan Sea salt as this fragrance is very salty and tart but is then balanced by the sweetness of the sugar and relaxing blend of wood and sage. I would highly suggest giving this scent a shot if you ever have the chance of picking it up.


  1. My Precious“Blood Orange, Tangerine, Strawberry, Raspberry with a hint of Bergamot”

In this fragrance, the citrus is the key note on cold. It’s very warm and tart. I would see this being a good morning melt to wake you and get you ready for the day.


  1. Half-ElvenGreen Tea, Goats Milk & Honey”

The honey is a bit strong in this blend. I am not big on honey scents so I am hopeful that when warming the green tea will be more present.


  1. Lord Of Mordor- Leather, Orange sorbet and black pepper”

The leather in this blend really adds a unique twist to this fragrance. My husband really liked the leather melt I got him last, so I picked this one for him. I didn’t expect to like it but the orange sorbet and leather actually blend well together creating a very unique, dare I say sexy, blend. This one is very very strong on cold. I believe one cube will suffice when melting this one.




Until next Haul,



8 thoughts on “LOTM-Super Tarts Haul

  1. Henry C. Warmoth says:

    Hello Mrs. Meltdown, I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your writing style and your taste in wax melts. Your blog is entertaining and enjoyable to read. Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Well she keeps others informed on her Facebook page (I don’t have Facebook) so its kind of by word of mouth on Instagram and when people start posting their orders i fly over the website because i know she is open. Hope this helps! You can follow me on IG and i can try to let you know when I know, @themeltdown15


  2. Julie says:

    Great photos! I just love Brandy’s unique blending and fun geeky themes. I always crush super hard on her Potter and LoTR themes. But I have not bought in about a year. I guess I go through vendor phases. Enjoy your ST!


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