Vendor Review- Front Porch Candle Company

Front Porch Candle Company


Front Porch was the first online vendor I placed an order with and I continue to this day to be pleased. The company where it’s phrased “Smell the Difference” captivates you by their daily restocks (Monday-Saturday) and their thousands of different fragrances and unique blends.  Their inventory is constantly changing allowing you the customer to venture out and try new scents. Angie the owner of the company offers free shipping on ANY order (No minimal order) and a code for 10% off your $25 purchase. With daily restocks and free shipping, it’s hard to pass up ordering daily! I have ordered multiple times from this vendor. Below I will give more detail and talk about my thoughts of the ordering process, prices, shipping, packing and overall product. I will also be doing reviews on what I ordered so stay tuned!


Products Offered:

  • Grubby Tarts (“SoyPara Wax (approx. 75% Soy Wax and 25% Paraffin” or Paraffin Grubby Tarts) come in Individual, 4 Pack, 6 Pack & 12 Pack. (As seen in the above picture in two different scents) 
  • Butterfly Shaped Paraffin Tarts- Individual, 4 Pack & 12 Pack.
  • Macaroon Triple Layered Tarts -2 per pack
  • Iced Cookie Shaped Tarts- 2 per pack
  • Bread Loaf Shaped Tarts- 4 per pack
  • Mason Jar Shaped Tarts- Individual or 4 pack
  • Pie Shaped Tarts- Individual
  • Easter Egg Tarts (Seasonal) – 4 per pack
  • Little Piggy Paraffin Tarts- 6 per pack
  • Love Tarts- 4 per pack
  • Turtle Shaped Paraffin Tarts- Individual or 4 pack
  • Bunch of Strawberries Paraffin Tarts- 12 per pack
  • Tart Brittle- 8oz, 16oz or 2 in 1 Tart Brittle 8oz.
  • Individual Chunk Tarts
  • Sliceable Chunk Loaf
  • Sliceable Loaf Tarts-1 Pound
  • Tart Cubes (Clamshells)
  • Shaveable Tart Wax
  • Scoopable Tart Wax – 6oz, 16oz or Triple Layered Scoopable Wax 16oz
  • Tart Oil
  • Custom Candles
  • Tart Warmers
  • Bath & Body Products


Availability: Front Porch Candle Company is open 24/7 on exception of the 60-90 min. window that the website closes for maintenance for the daily restock to replenish inventory with the wax goodies Angie poured the day before. The company request 7-10 business days for your order to leave the facility.

RTS? (Ready to Ship) : Everything on the website is made and ready to ship! If you are one that is frightened by the idea of blending scents on your own for custom orders or of long TAT’s (Turn Around Time), RTS is your best friend and jeepers does Angie have a wide variety of RTS to choose from!

Price Overall: Ranging from $1.00-$1.75(Single tarts and grubbies) being the lowest items, $5.25-$10.50 (Grubby packs, sampler packs, brittles, scoop-ables) to $17.50- $25.99 (loafs & large candles)

Shipping: FREEEEEEEEE! Most would say “Oh it’s built in the price so it isn’t technically free.” Well I like knowing that when I go to check-out, I’m not slammed with a huge amount in shipping and have to back  out of my order; I know exactly what the price is and I’m not shocked when I get the receipt.

Cure Time: I wasn’t able to find an exact cure time for how long you are supposed to wait so I would say this is your personal preference. The paraffin tarts page has it noted at the top that no cure time is needed but I wasn’t able to locate anything on the Soy-Para wax.

Packaging: When my order arrived everything was very well packaged inside a USPS padded envelope and inside that was the USPS box. The wax was sealed inside zipped baggies and labeled with their scents and pour dates. Having the pour dates on the packaging is a very nice touch allowing the melter (That’s you!) to know when the product was made and helps when we store it. It also helps give you a general idea of when you need to melt it before it gets too old.

Samples: Unfortunately there wasn’t any samples.. This is the vendor’s decision to do so and it may be to cut back for shipping cost.

Quality of the wax:  I have been very impressed with the wax i have ordered each and every time I have received a shipment. I have not had a bad thrower once. It melts evenly and the scent throw last for hours. I have been able to get multiple melts out of one grubby from several different scents. I would say that is  great quality!



-Restocks daily

-Free shipping

-Christian based company. (Includes Bible verses on the website and emails)

-Scent variety & blends

–  Great smelling products even on cold

-Emails of restocks telling you what was restocked that day



-Grubby tarts are a little small for the price you pay (But they still have amazing throw)

– Inventory on certain scents sell out quickly because of limited quantities

– If you like a scent you may have to wait a while to see it appear again. (Note: Unless you have a kind friend who can request scents for you if you don’t have a Facebook!)

I would highly suggest checking out Front Porch Candle Company!

Their website can be found below

Until next melt,


2 thoughts on “Vendor Review- Front Porch Candle Company

  1. The Wax Addict says:

    She suggests a cure time of about 2 weeks in her Facebook group. I will share with you that she will no longer be adding the pour dates to the bag anymore, which makes me sad. She didn’t share why on Facebook. Let me know anytime you need something requested.


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