Vendor Review- Eagle Rock Candle Co.

Eagle Rock Candle Company


Eagle Rock Candle Company was my second dive into the online wax vendor community. I ran across this company in a long list of names of online wax vendors. Overwhelmed by the mass of them all but eager to explore further into the world of wax, I started researching different vendors. That’s when I ran across ERCC.

This company is run by a man by the name of Kevin. His products are made from 100% soy wax. (Excluding his Crystal Potpourri line) What caught my eye with this vendor is the free shipping that Kevin offers to anyone in the United States with no minimal order required. I believe if a vendor is able to offer this it is a huge plus!


Products offered:

-Soy Wax Melts- 3.4 Oz. Clamshells (Currently offered in 178 fragrances)

– Soy Candles- 15 Oz. jars (Currently offered in 19 fragrances)

– Crystal Potpourri – 10 Oz. jars (Currently offered in 23 fragrances)



As far as I know this vendor is open 24/7 to fill your wax needs!


RTS? (Ready to ship):

Everything on the ERCC website is ready to ship! RTS is perfect if the sound of blending your own fragrances is still a bit overwhelming or you are just too impatient for long TAT’s (Turn around Time).


Price Overall:

The clamshell melts are currently $2.74 each. There is also a special reserve fragrance oil melt option that is sold for $4.00 each. Candles range in the price from $16.00-$18.00 depending if there is a sale. The crystal potpourri is currently $8.00 each.

Some would say that $2.74 is a bit high for a clamshell but compared to store brands at 2.5 Oz. for $2.00 (ERCC at 3.4 Oz. for 2.74) and with shipping included in the price I would say you are getting a good deal.



Free! Not much beats free shipping when it comes to online shopping in my opinion! I love knowing that my invoice isn’t going to sky rocket when I go to hit the checkout button. I have always found it “Funny” that I will have for example, $12 worth of wax goodies in my cart and when I go to check out and pay it adds around $9.50 for shipping. My invoice then jumps to $21.50! That’s crazy! I feel I am almost paying as much for shipping as I am product! There have been times where I have backed out of purchases because the shipping was just too high and at times was higher than what I was purchasing. I have a problem with high shipping cost but I guess you could have already guessed that? So I think it is spectacular that this vendor offers this to its customers!


Cure Time:

I will say it again; I believe cure time is up to the user. I was unable to locate on ERCC’s website the appropriate cure time for his wax. I have read in many suggestions and articles that soy wax can benefit from at least a 1-2 week cure time before melting but that the longer you can wait the better the throw.  I am still experimenting with cure times and what is best for me. So far every way I have tried has thrown great for me. As I plunge farther into my research I will let you all know my finds!


When my order arrived everything was very well packaged inside a USPS padded envelope. The clamshells were individually sealed inside zipped baggies to hold in their scent in case they were to come open in transit. On the invoice included with every package, Kevin hand signs each one with a thank you and a smile J

The product t labels have a vintage, rugged feel giving the clamshells an extra bit of spunk. I thought their packaging looked very professional.


Eagle Rock Candle Co Haul


Samples: Unfortunately there weren’t any samples or extras included.


Quality/Performance of the wax:

The wax is very smooth and a bit softer than most. Softer than the normal paraffin-soy blend we are all used to which is to be expected from soy wax. The throw was very consistent and strong with only two cubes per melt. The soy wax does tend to leave a bit of residue on your warmer plate but nothing a wet paper towel can’t fix.




-Free Shipping

-This vendor never discontinues scents (so if you find a scent you like you can buy it year around! Ex: Seasonal)

– RTS Inventory

-Very fast shipping



-No samples

-Not many unique scent blends or options


I would recommend this vendor to anyone who is interested in wax at a reasonable cost that isn’t on the hunt for wax for its shapes and colors but for wax that throws great and does its job! If you do decide to make a purchase I would suggest trying their 7-up pound cake and my husband’s favorite; Leather Jacket scent.


Until next melt,


If you enjoyed this review and are looking for new vendors to try, I just finished a vendor review for Front Porch Candle Company and will link it here. This vendor also offers free shipping and amazing product. Check it out!


4 thoughts on “Vendor Review- Eagle Rock Candle Co.

  1. Julie says:

    My friend Deb just placed a small order from this company and I just found out you were the one who enabled her 🙂 I really want to try their Harvest Moon and fallish scents. Is it sad I am already looking forward to those?


    • themeltdownblog says:

      Well I am so glad I could help her find a new company and of course it isn’t sad. I love the fall and look forward to it as well. I love that you can get any scent year around from this vendor.


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