A Wonderberry Wax Co. Review-Freedom

A Wonderberry Wax Co Review

Brand:   Wonderberry Wax Co.

Scent: Freedom

Product: 4 oz. Scented Wax Tarts

Cube/Tart Count:  I received 2 squares in a wax swap but I believe it came in a 4 pack. (Each square 1 oz.)

Scent Throw: Light to Medium



As I mentioned above, I received this in one of my wax swaps. As I have never had the opportunity to melt any of this vendors wax, I was very excited to finally have a chance to test some out.  The colors are brilliant and bold as they represent our country’s colors that fly on our flag symbolizing the many men and women that fight daily for our country so that we have Freedom.

So I thought that the colors were great attention to detail and went with the name perfectly.

Initial thoughts:

On cold sniff I pick up a heavy, creamy vanilla scent. I’m not the biggest fan of vanilla by itself but when blended with something else, I like it. I could tell this wasn’t just vanilla so I couldn’t judge it on cold sniff.

The more I smell this the more I recognize it to be a lush dupe of American Cream. For those of you who have never smelled American Cream; to me it smells of a rich vanilla mixed with fresh strawberries and a slight notes of citrus. When smelling this the white portion of the square has the more creamy American Cream scent while I get more of fruit/berry scent on the bottom blue portion. I was very excited to pop this one into my warmer and try it out. Once in my warmer the scent became fruitier and I was able to pick out more of the blueberry scent. In a matter of a few minutes my room began to smell like a fresh blueberry smoothie! Yum! If you aren’t a blueberry fan I wouldn’t recommend this one.

I was able to get a good throw with half of a square but would recommend using the whole square to get an even throw. Larger rooms would need 1 ½ or two squares.



I was pretty impressed with my first Wonderberry Wax Co. experience and am excited to try more of their products. I highly recommend looking into this company even if you aren’t a melter.. (Which I’m not sure why you would be here reading this if you aren’t a wax lover.. :P) because I hear they also have amazing scrubs!

You can check out their website below and can follow their updates and restocks on Instagram: @Wonderberrywax



Until Next Melt,



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