Wax of the Past Part 2. May Empties

Wax of the Past Part 2.

 May Empties

Well it is that time again! Another month gone by, another basket of empties to sift through! I have a bit of a bigger list this go around for I have finished a few clammies I am proud to say! So sit back, relax and take notes of vendors and scents. Enjoy!

Note: Scents with a * beside the name are scents I would repurchase and  recommend.

Side Note: The pictures aren’t the most appealing to look at because well… its trashy.. 😛 



6 Tealights (I am really digging my new tea light warmer. $3 for amazing throw? Deal!) I have reviewed my new warmer here if you would like a more in depth review!

– Mango Dragon Fruit Bath & Body Works 3 Wick Candle (This was a take it or leave it scent in my opinion. My husband on the other hand really enjoyed it.)



Scent Shots-

  • Molly BrownHouse of Usher Wax Museum
  • Strawberries & Champagne- Candy Panda *
  • Lemon Ice Cream Scoop BreadCandy Panda *
  • Banana Nut BreadWilma’s Handmade (Half shared with me in a swap)
  • Sinus ReliefWild Vine Soapery *
  • Citrus CakeWild Vine Soapery *
  • Banana PuddingWild Vine Soapery *
  • Grey StuffWild Vine Soapery *
  • Cherry ColaTrue Obsession Wax Melts *



Clam Shells-

  • Sugared Melon Kiwi Value PackBetter Homes & Gardens *
  • Fresh Picked Orchard ApplesBetter Homes & Gardens
  • Day DreamScentSationals
  • Iced Lemon Sugar CookiesScentSationals*
  • Lord of the MeltsGaladrielSuper Tarts




  • 4 Pack Dessert Pizza Grubby TartsFront Porch *
  • Lemon Chamomile Single Grubby TartFront Porch
  • Extreme Fruit Salad Single Turtle TartFront Porch *
  • Sinus Relief Single Grubby TartFront Porch
  • 4 Pack Grubby Tart Pink Lavender PeppermintFront Porch *
  • 2 Pack Sample Hearts Birthday CakeCindy’s Wax Tarts *
  • Very Berry Cheesecake SampleCindy’s Wax Tarts
  • Childhood Dreams Sample Heart- Cindy’s Wax Tarts *
  • Super Tarts Half- Bam Bars Sample
  • Candied Fruit SampleFresh Picked Scents
  • Pink Sugar Milk RoseFakery Bakery*
  • Peach Bunny Sample MeltWild Vine Soapery*
  • 3 Pack Pink Peppermint HeartsWild Vine Soapery *
  • Dimaggio’s Dream Sample (I received a slice from a loaf in a package from a friend)-Vintage Chic Scents *
  • Peppermint Meringue GrubbySassy Girl Aroma
  • Cake by the Ocean Wax ChunkFakery Bakery *


The scents I craved the most this past month were shaving cream blends and peppermint! What was yours? Comment below and let me know what scent you melted the most of this past month!

And that is what I melted for the month of May! I hope you enjoyed and got a few scent suggestions to look for this coming month!


I’m looking forward to June and seeing what I melt! Stay Tuned!








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