Hello Stranger! Wax Chat- New Warmer


Well hello stranger! Long time no see eh? Sorry for being MIA here recently! Summer is upon us and that means I’m busy busy busy! For most this is the time of vacations, fun and total relaxation… Well that is the total opposite for me. With my job we are the busiest during the summer months and by the end of the day I’m mentally exhausted. Enough excuses, on to my product find that I want to share with you today!

I haven’t put much thought into using tea light warmers until here recently. The many shapes they are offered in has always caught my eye but I always assumed they wouldn’t preform as well as a bulb or hot plate warmer would. Another reason I’ve been hesitant with trying tea light warmers is the inconvenience of having to steadily watch after an open flame. Many liked pictures (Instagram) and conversations later, I was intrigued and started my quest to one. After speaking with a friend, she recommended I try looking at Dollar General where she had found one at a great price that has worked great for her.

Standing in Dollar General’s wax isle, I quickly became enthralled by the many colorful multi-layered/scented candles, wax melts, tea lights, warmers, ect. After sniffing and of course having the husband sniff as well (He is a great sport and so understanding of my obsession!) I had to stop myself from grabbing up an arm full of jar candles and remind myself of the reason I came. The two choices for tea light warmers that were offered came in a creamy white or jet black. Normally I would go for the black one but I figured the white would brighten my home and would allow for better waxy photos!  Not only is this warmer cute with the cut out pattern engraved in the side but I would say the price is the best part! Guys.. three dollars! Three! That is such a great price for a warmer you can use over and over and if something were to ever happen to it then it wouldn’t be a big deal to replace.


How the warmer preformed:

As soon as I made it home with my new warmer I got it cleaned up (best to take a damp paper towel to remove any un-wanted dust) and put a tea light candle inside the hollowed out portion of the warmer and lit the candle. (Note: You will have to purchase a box/bundle of the tea light candles if you do not already have them at home. Dollar General  had a pack of 10 candles for a $1.) I decided for my first melt in my new warmer I would melt my super tarts sample I received with my half-bam bar order which I believe it to be in the scent Tree Beard  “Cream Soda, Cantaloupe and a touch of pine

I had bent down to put my lid back on my wax box and when I lifted back up the cube had already began to pool a bit and I could already start to smell it! In about a 5 minute span the wax had completely pooled and my room smelled so amazing. I will admit I was impressed but since I was still testing  I wasn’t completely convinced yet. About an hour later I switched out the wax to a chunk of my Sassy Girl Aroma Blueberry Lemon Waffle Cone which is quickly becoming one of my favorites and it too threw like a champ in a matter of minutes vs. my bulb or hot plate warmers that take several minutes to notice any smell and once fragrance is detected it is nowhere near as strong as what the tea light is giving off. I have tested many times since then with many different waxes and I am very pleased with the outcome of this warmer. I dare to say the tea light warmer has given me the best throw out of all my warmers! I’d give it a 5/5 so far!


  • Saves on Electricity
  • Easy to clean (I use cotton ball method for wax pool, candle tin tea lights allow for easy throw away)
  • Amazing Throw



  • Have to keep an eye on open flame
  • Buying replacement tea lights
  • Tea lights burn out ( I get about 4-6 hours depending on what brand of candles I buy)


I am so thrilled I finally gave tea light warmers a try! I will be on the hunt to add more to my warmer collection for sure! This warmer will always be my first though, the one that got me hooked and made me a believer! Ha-ha! I can’t recommend it enough and for three dollars and a dollar pack of tea lights it is a must try!


Until Next Melt,


You can keep up with me on Instagram and see what ive been melting! @themeltdown15


2 thoughts on “Hello Stranger! Wax Chat- New Warmer

  1. Julie says:

    How fun! I just got a new tealight Warner too! I have not broke her in yet, as I need to pick up tea lights but I am excited. My very first one was a pretty Yankee sea themed one but it fell and busted. Boo. Enjoy your new warmer! BTW how was tree beard? Interesting combo of notes.


    • themeltdownblog says:

      Where did you get your new warmer? Yay for new warmers! Surprisingly enough I actually enjoyed Tree Beard. I didn’t expect to like it with the pine in it! Thanks for the comment would love it if you subscribed! Have a beautiful weekend!


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