Molly Brown- A House of Usher Wax Museum Review

Molly Brown– A House of Usher Wax Museum Review

Scent: Molly Brown

Brand/Vendor: House of Usher

Price: $1.75

Product: 2.oz.Scent Shot

Scent Throw: Light to Medium


I find anything to do with the history/story behind Titanic to be interesting. Very very sad and tragic of course but it leaves me wanting to know more. So as fascinated as I am, I was thrilled to find a vendor that offered this theme and so many others. I was a little late finding this vendor so most of the scents were sold out.. I was able to get my hands on this one so I am happy to introduce Molly Brown also known as the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown!


Initial thoughts:

This scent is very complicated and beautifully blended,feminine . I can imagine this would be a fragrance you would find on a classy woman such as Mrs Brown. On cold sniff this fragrance smells of a ladies floral perfume. At first sniff I wasn’t too sure I was going to like this one in fear it might be too strong.Once in my warmer the fragrance transformed into a blend of floral powdery perfume and vintage lace.To my nose I also pick up a musky undertone with hints of vanilla. This scent is perfect for a romantic evening or a pamper night. I melted half a scent shot which I normally do, others prefer the full melt. With this particular scent I believe it would be fine to use the full melt as I received a medium to light throw with half a melt as this scent is supposed to be delicate and soft. So if you were melting in a large area or wanted a stronger throw I would suggest the full scent shot.



I’d recommend giving this vendor a shot if you enjoy themed boxes and wax melts for they have many fun names and choices.

This is a scent you will just have to try for yourself and to smell with your own nose the notes you pick out since I was unable to find the online scent description on this blend. If you like perfume/powdery/vintage smells I believe this one is for you. It is worth a try for it is an interesting and classy blend!

Until Next Melt

Repurchase? Maybe

Presentation? Very classy. The scent shots with Edgar Allen Poe’s picture on them adds a nice vintage/classy touch.


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