Hagrid- A Super Tarts Review

Hagrid- A Super Tarts Review

Brand:   Super Tarts

Scent: Hagrid

Product: Half- Bam Bar (Sold in bakery bags)

Scent Throw: Very Strong

Online Scent Description: “Shaving cream and Tinsel (Tinsel is mixed berries, vanilla peppermint and pomegranate)”



Let Hagrid whisk you away on a magical journey as you ride alongside him in the side car of his motorcycle. As you fly high in the sky with the cool night air through your hair, you begin to smell a mix of his aftershave and a sweet aroma of what remains of the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans and Cauldron Cakes that you and Hagrid had just previously devoured from the late night run to Honeyduke’s.

This was my first Half-Bam Bar purchase. I went out on a limb buying two in a fragrance I had never tried but I had missed out on this fragrance time and time again on previous restocks so I didn’t want to get one and then like it and regret it later. To be honest, the bags are a bit smaller than I had expected them to be but once viewing the contents I believe you do receive a fair amount of wax.  Now I am very glad to have two bakery bags in this fragrance!

Initial thoughts:

Well I won’t be hearing the famous words “You’re a Wizard.. “ Anytime soon but this fragrance sure is magical! Upon purchasing this order, I was really craving a shaving cream blend and boy did I find it! This fragrance is almost as strong on cold in the bag as it is when it is in my warmer. It is incredible!  Upon opening the bag the smell just hits you in the face! This scent will not tolerate being ignored. Further sniffing, I pick up the refreshing peppermint and vanilla following notes of creamy shaving cream. The vanilla helps make the shaving cream a bit softer on the nose. The question that always stands with this type of blend is, is the shaving cream spicy or sweet? I would say that it is more on the spicy side BUT the tinsel and peppermint tone down the spicy creating a sweeter, creamy undertone. Its very well blended and refreshing when you’re in the mood for a clean yet sweet scent. I was able to get a good strong throw that filled my living room/kitchen area with two chunks/cubes.

Melting Image. I had already been melting a red cube and I threw in a blue to create this. 


As you disembark  from your journey you realize how fond you have become of this magical scent. When you check your stock you realize you are getting low. Never to fear! Super Tarts is now RTS (Ready to Ship) so watch for restock of this scent and you should soon be able to replenish your stock whenever you need.

I really enjoyed this fragrance and would recommend it to anyone looking for a unique blend to put a change of pace in their melting. You won’t regret it!
Repurchase? For sure!

Stash or Destash? Stash!
Until Next Melt,
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Harry Potter or Warner’s Brothers.




2 thoughts on “Hagrid- A Super Tarts Review

  1. Julie says:

    How magical! Love Harry Potter talk. Talk nerdy to me. But Hagrid is my fave. I liked this scent. You might enjoy VCS’s Sweeney if you liked this. Enjoy your smell goods!


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