Take Me Away- A Cindy’s Wax Tart Review


Take Me Away- A Cindy’s Wax Tart Review

Brand:   Cindy’s Wax Tarts

Scent: Take Me Away

Product: Wax Brittle

Scent Throw: Medium

Online Scent Description: “Get away from the troubles and worries of life w Lavender, Citrus lemon, and a cool peppermint, plus some other oils that make this a custom spa like vacation!”



Sometimes a person just needs to unwind from the day. Get away from it all and.. hop on an airplane to a far off destination to be spoiled with endless shopping trips, luxurious hotels with big fluffy beds, breathtaking views and room service.. oh! Too far? Yes, that escalated quickly. Back on point. Some of us.. well most of us are un-able to drop life to attend or cannot afford vacations such as this. So we have to create our own mini “stay-cations” whether its getting lost in a wonderland that a novel can create or soaking our troubles away in a mound of bubbles. Well I might have just found another way for you to relax and “get away” through scent!


Initial Thoughts:

Well it was one of those nights.. I was in need of a relaxing scent. I was sifting through my wax box when I came across “Take me Away” by Cindy. First sniff I could instantly smell it was a lavender blend and thought that it would be perfect. I dropped in two pieces of shimmering brittle into my bulb warmer and awaited the fairy magic! As you may have read on my previous reviews of Cindy’s, I suggest melting in a bulb warmer with her brittle to see the “fairy water” come to life! My oh my did this one shimmer and sparkle a beautiful lavender pool. I was able to smell this from my bathroom while I un-wound from my day washing my face. To me, this fragrance was mostly floral. My nose may have mistaken the fresh lavender seeds to be the floral note but this is what I picked up the most. This was a great scent to turn on and wind down especially with the lavender as it soothes the mind and got me ready for bed.


This particular fragrance I would probably pass on next time due to it being the strongest on the lavender but if lavender is your jam or you are into floral tones I would highly suggest it!
If you haven’t given Cindy’s wax a shot, you are missing out!

Check her out at https://www.etsy.com/shop/CindysWaxTarts

Until Next Melt,



One thought on “Take Me Away- A Cindy’s Wax Tart Review

  1. Cindy Tedeschi says:

    Thank you for the review! You should write novels for a living since you are so good with taking us on a journey!
    Take Me Away was a fragrances brittle I made right after my mom passed away this April 1, 2016 at a time when I wanted to honor her with something special. She wanted to be taken away to be with my dad in heaven, after 64 years of marriage and I wanted to be taken away from the sadness of her loss.
    This wax brittle is a combination of Lavender, Lilac, vanilla, lemon, cucumber and peppermint. Dried lavender buds are added for more love.
    Mom was my biggest fan of my wax melts, and this fragrance is very dear to my heart💜


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