A Wax Junkie Melts Haul!



A Wax Junkie Melts Haul!

 Today’s haul is a special one! My first haul from my lovely friend @WaxJunkieReviews Shop, Wax Junkie Melts! I am beyond thrilled that her restocks have been so successful and I wish her the very best! This restock she named a melt after me! How amazing is that!? She had sent me a sample of the melt before the restock to test out and of course.. it smelled absolutely wonderful!! I had to stock up on a few to keep in my wax stash because who wouldn’t want a wax melt named after themselves?
So to start off this haul, we will begin with:


Jessica“Super Yummy Candied Banana, Blended w/ Cherry, Hints of Chocolate all On a Bed of Vanilla Cupcake & What Would a Banana Split be Without a Touch of Whipped Cream!”

I ordered 2 scent shots and a rose shaped melt in this fragrance! The beautiful stars and glitter add a nice glimmering touch to each scent shot! Love it! Sierra knows I love my banana blends! When melting I could pick up the different notes of chocolate, banana and sweet vanilla! This one as she says in the description is “Super Yummy!”

Sierra –“Super Sweet! Mostly Pistachio Pudding, but The Pink Sugar Adds an Irresistibly Sweet Exhale!”

First sniff I instantly pick up the nutty notes from the pistachio! I can’t wait to melt this one and see how it preforms. Surprisingly I have really enjoyed pistachio scents here recently so I am very excited about this one!

Kim-Sweet Fresh Limes Squeezed Over a Fluffy, Tropical Coconut Butter Cream Cupcake!”

If you enjoy key lime scented fragrances you will enjoy this one!

Emma-“Sweet Grape Jelly and Rich Peanut Butter inside a Doughy Donut Aroma w/ Melted Marshmallow Topping!”

Have you stopped and stared at the artwork put into this one!? WOW! Sierra it is beautiful! This one will be stunning to melt. Sniffing this one at first I wasn’t sure if I was picking up on the peanut butter or not. Holding it under my husband’s nose and asking him what it smelled like, he said “Peanut butter?” I believe my nose must have forgotten the smell of peanut butter so I cannot wait to throw this one in my warmer soon and try it out!

Ashley-Soft Coconut, Sweet Cocoa Powder, Red Velvet Cake, Butter Milk, Vanilla, & Soft Musk Combine to Create a Rich & Velvety Bakery Cake Blend.”

I was able to pick up on a soft vanilla/bakery note but I believe I am going to let this one cure a little longer for I found mine to be a little light in scent. Nothing I don’t believe that a little curing can’t fix!

I am very pleased with my order and cannot wait after a little curing to dig into my new wax goodies and start melting!

Did you get your order in with WaxJunkieMelts? What did you order? Which of the scents are your favorites? Comment below!


Until Next Haul!


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