My First Vintage Chic Order!

My First Vintage Chic Order!

We all know how hard it can be to get Vintage Chic Scents wax. On VCS restock day I was looking through my wish list when I jokingly clicked on the “add to cart” button. To my surprise it actually added to the cart. My heart skipped and in a split second I made my mind up that I had no other choice but to order now that I had finally caught a restock! As fast as I could I added the three pack coins that I wanted and rushed to checkout. Luckily nothing was cart-jacked! Now I am here to share what I ordered with you lovelies!  I noticed looking at all the scent blends I had ordered I must have been craving strawberry blends.. all but one includes a strawberry note in the scent blend. Onto the haul!


  • Sweeny’s Barbershop– “Shaving Cream Mint Strawberries”

Currently hooked on this fragrance, I ordered two of these three packs. A friend from Instagram had sent me a coin of this to try so I blame her for starting this addiction! Ha-ha, but to be fair she warned me. The strawberry, shaving cream and mint surprisingly blend so well together to create a beautiful fragrance!


  • Strawberry Fields Forever –“Strawberries & Cream Zucchini Bread”

 Zucchini bread blends..  They are just one of many of my top favorites right now. I can’t imagine how good this is going to be on warm once that zucchini bread note heats up. The sweet strawberries add a fruity tone that compliments the spicy zucchini. So good!


  • Yellow Brick RoadLemon Custard, Cannoli, Waffle Cone and Marshmallow”

 I was very intrigued by the name of this one for the fact that it has to do with the Wizard of Oz.. I’m addicted I know but after reading the scent description I was sold. Waffle cone blends have become another one of my all-time favorites over the past month and boy does it shine in this blend! There is also a very rich creamy scent from the cannoli that I pick up on cold. This one I am extremely excited about trying.


  • Pink Dorothy-Pink Sugar Strawberry White Cake Cotton Candy”

Again.. Dorothy.. Could be Wizard of Oz related or could just be a name. We will go with related! The scent description though!! Ahhmazing! It smells amazing too. The pink sugary sweetness is the first scent I pick up on cold followed by the bakery note from the white cake.

2016-06-24 15 58 13


  • Fleet Week –“Black Pepper Bergamot”

Very fresh clean scent. Masculine

  • Piece of My Heart-“Satsuma, Cotton Candy Frosting, Fresh-picked Strawberries and Mango Sorbet”

Now this one I will definitely be needing more of. This smells amazing. Very fruity and sugary with the sweet cotton candy! I am beginning to think I am hooked on VCS cotton candy and strawberry scents.


So it is safe to say that I love everything that I ordered. Everything smells amazing and I am super excited about jumping in and melting everything! Let me know if you would like any warm reviews over any of the scents listed above


8 thoughts on “My First Vintage Chic Order!

  1. jaybird says:

    It’s funny that you’ve been gravitating to strawberry scents because I keep accidentally ordering them! Either I’m unaware of the scent or not reading descriptions well enough. I like it mixed w/cream, but don’t like strawberry dominated wax.


    • themeltdownblog says:

      Oh it is wonderful!! I wish I had got more than two packs. I believe the strawberry helps tone down the mint a bit if you are worried about it being too minty and the shaving cream just adds that masculine scent while adding a bit of creaminess to the mix. It’s really good! I can’t wait to see what you think! And oh no! What strawberry scents do you keep ordering lol


  2. jaybird says:

    Well, there was some strawberry in my VCS sugar mlk quartet, Princess of Wales. Then, the Sweeny’s, but I like that one bc of the blend. Also got Midwest Gal from wildvine and read rhubarb somewhere, but didn’t notice strawberry in description till afterward. I’m fine w/taking a chance on some scents though. I’ll let u know how I like the Sweeny’s.


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