Homemade Cookies- A Closet Full of Wax Review


Homemade Cookies- A Closet Full of Wax Review

 Brand: Closet Full of Wax

Scent: Homemade Cookies

Price: $0.75 Each (On sale for $0.55 right now)

Product: 0.8oz Single Melts

Cube/Melt Count: One

Throw: Light-Medium



Have a craving for cookies? Well grab your apron and preheat the oven to 325 degrees, sift together your dry ingredients before adding in the wet ones such as your egg, melted butter and vanilla. Once you have creamed the two bowls of ingredients together, stir in your toppings (chocolate chips, yum!) and bake for 15-17 minutes. Too much work? Well if only there was something to give you the scrumptious smell of cookies without all the work. Hmmm maybe there is?! Homemade Cookies was just one of the wax melts the owner of Closet Full of Wax Michele was sweet enough to send me to review for you all.


Initial Thought:

When I think homemade cookies, I immediately think chocolate chip cookies as these are my favorite! Ooeey and Gooey straight from the oven! Yum! Upon opening this and taking a whiff if I didn’t know better I would have thought I had placed my nose in an oven full of fresh baked cookies. I could even smell the distinct smell of the cookies crusted edge as it would have cooked against the cookie sheet to give the outside that bit of crunch while leaving the inside nice and soft. *drools*

This one was going in my warmer straight away! I chose one of my tea light warmers as I get the best throw with my tea lights as of late.  This was a decent size melt for my warmer and I was impressed with how slow it melted; usually anything in my tea light warmer heats up pretty fast. It took a good 15-20 minutes before I noticed any scent. I contributed this to our ceiling fan being on and turned it off to see if that helped. It did and once the wax was fully melted I was able to smell a rich vanilla bakery note. The smell I was picking up on was definitely a vanilla fragrance with hints of sugar and a creamy milk chocolate.  I left this melting for I would say at least 4-5 hours until my tea light candle went out.

I would suggest if you have a larger room and a deeper warmer plate to melt one and a half to two of this melt at a time but for small to medium rooms this should be just right.


All in all this melt was pretty good. I would have preferred it to smell the way it did when I first opened the package as I melted it. If cookie/bakery scents aren’t for you Michele offers a large variety of different fragrances in the single melts like I tested above or several other shapes such as chunk bags and clamshells offered in RTS stock or custom orders!

Check out Closet Full of Wax here: http://www.closetfullofwax.com/

Until Next Melt,


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