Jessica-A Wax Junkie Melts Review

Jessica-A Wax Junkie Melts Review



Brand: WaxJunkieMelts

Scent: Jessica

Price: $1.25 (Scent Shot) $2.25 Rose

Product: 1.5 oz. Scent Shot, Rose

Throw: Medium to Strong

Online Scent Description: Super Yummy Candied Banana, Blended w/ Cherry, Hints of Chocolate all On a Bed of Vanilla Cupcake & What Would a Banana Split be Without a Touch of Whipped Cream!



I am very honored that Sierra, Aka @WaxJunkieReviews named a wax melt after me. How cool is that?! When I found out that it was a banana blend I was even more ecstatic because most vendors shy away from banana scents as they are risky and don’t always come out right.


Initial Thought:

One scoop or two? Grab your spoon because this melt smells good enough to eat! On cold sniff I pick up on the buttercream vanilla cupcake and it is just beautiful. It’s like sticking your nose in a cup of frosting, the smell you first get when removing the foil cover off of the Pillsbury frosting cup and then sneaking a spoonful..or two. Yum..but Wait! There’s more! If you inhale a little deeper you can catch the notes of the candied banana and creamy whipped cream. I was super excited to first melt this. I had previously melted a test sample which was really good so I was super excited to have more. I plopped half of the melt into my warmer and within minutes my room smelled like a dessert wonderland.  I was able to pick up on the different notes including the chocolate and hints of cherry once warmed. The vanilla cupcake transformed into more of a warm cake note which in return made it even more scrumptious. This is definitely one to try, don’t let the banana scare you away. You could get away with half of a scent shot unless you just like a in your face fragrance. In that case use the whole melt.



I was quite pleased with this melt. I will warn you that the wax is a bit softer than most and can get messy when cutting but it’s nothing that a paper towel can’t fix. If you haven’t already, give Wax Junkie Melts a shot!


If you are interested in seeing more products offered by WaxJunkieMelts I will link my recent haul from her here.

Until Next Melt,






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