Wax of the Past- June Empties 

Wax of the Past Part 3

June Empties

Here is what I melted through the month of June! Enjoy!

Note- The ones with * beside them are melts I would repurchase and recommend. 

  • Candles-

    20 Tea Lights

Scent Shots-

  • Rainbow Sherbert by Wild Vine Soapery
  • Cotton Candy- Candy Panda Wax*
  • Sinus Relief- Wild Vine Soapery*



  • Vanilla Cookie Crunch- Better Homes & Gardens
  • Snuggle- AirWick *



  • Single Grubby in Peppermint Ice Cream-Front Porch
  • Single Grubby in Mountain Dew Pop- Front Porch
  • 4 Pack Grubbies in Banana Marshmallow Zucchini- Front Porch*
  • Single Grubby in Sinus Relief- Front Porch
  • Pink Sugar Blackberry Wafflecone- Sassy Girl Aroma*
  • Rose Jam Peppermint- Sniff My Tarts
  • Pistachio Macaroon- Southbound Soap Co. *
  • Single Coin in Romeo & Juliet- Vintage Chic Scents*
  • Single Coin in Sweeny’s Barbershop- Vintage Chic Scents**
  • Single Coin in Jackie-O Next Door- Vintage Chic Scents *
  • Jessica Tester- WaxJunkieMelts*



  • Sunny Side of the Street- Vintage Chic Scents*
  • Fred & Wilma/Jackie-O/Strawberry Passion – Vintage Chic Scents*
  • Captain Cake- Wild Vine Soapery *
  • Strawberry Jam- Rose Girls*
  • The Nisha Call- Rose Girls
  • No Woman No Cry- Vintage Chic Scents*
  • Strawberry Shortcake/Cream Cheese Frosting & Smoothie.
  • Mystery Man- Fresh Picked Scents*
  • Bomb Pop Martini- Vintage Chic Scents *

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