Pistachio Ice Cream- A Closet Full of Wax Review

Pistachio Ice Cream- A Closet Full of Wax Review 

Brand: Closet Full of Wax

Scent: Pistachio Ice Cream

Price: $0.75 Each (On sale for $0.55 right now)

Product: 0.8oz Single Melts

Cube/Melt Count: One

Throw: Strong

Online Scent Description “pistachio top note balanced with milky, sweet caramel and creamy vanilla. “


My nose has really opened up to the idea of new blends here recently. One of those new scents has been pistachio. My first pistachio melt was a creamy, sweet pistachio macaroon that was very strong on the nutty note. Surprised at how much I liked it, I have been on the hunt for more. So when I saw that Michele had included her pistachio blend for me to try in the box she sent me, I was super excited!


Initial Thoughts:

On cold sniff I was able to pick up on the nuttiness from the pistachio mixed with a hint of salt and creamy vanilla. What I have discovered is that every vendor’s pistachio blend is a bit different. Some are mostly nutty while others have a cherry note included. Michele’s has a cherry fragrance blended in with her pistachio blend that really shines when warmed, which totally surprised me as I didn’t pick it up on cold. In my warmer the scent transformed into a fresh picked cherry dominated fragrance with hints of vanilla ice cream and pistachio mixed in. This will make you crave cherry pistachio ice cream so be warned! My husband even commented that he liked the cherry scent. He is a big fan of cherry anything! So if you are not a fan of cherry I would stay clear of this melt. The throw on this little melt was powerful! Scent filled my bedroom easily and even leaked out throughout my entire apartment. I believe it is safe to say one melt is enough to get a great throw in a small to medium room and lasted well over 5 hours.




If you haven’t yet given Closet Full of Wax a try, these single melts are a great way to try many different scents at a reasonable cost! Hurry! They are still on sale!

Michele also has some new shapes and scents coming to her shop soon!

Click here to check  out more products! http://www.closetfullofwax.com/


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Until Next Melt,




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