A Scented Squirrel Review- Elena

A Scented Squirrel Review- Elena

Brand– Scented Squirrel

Scent– Elena (Orange Blossom & Rose)

Product– 2 oz. Scent Shot

Throw– Medium-Strong

Story behind Scent Name: This wax melt is named after Elena.Elena is one of Jessica and Patrick’s (the owners) cats and has been with them since she was 4 months old along side their other cat Linnea. She is a 2 ½ year old tabby female.


Well I am happy to share with you that we have a new vendor opening soon! That’s right, Jessica and her husband Patrick are opening up shop to make their own wax melts to share with the world. How exciting! I was selected to be a tester and was thrilled to try out some of her new blend and ideas.

Melting Thoughts:

On cold sniff the firsts scent note that I pick up on is the citrus of the orange. The citrus is the strongest note but there are floral undertones.. Interested to see how this one would turn out in my warmer, I cut the scent shot in half and threw half in my warmer of choice. This time I chose to melt in my white medium tea light warmer as I get the best throw from it thus far.

In a matter of a 5-10 minute span my bedroom was filled with the smell of a strong floral scent with a hint of sweetness which I assumed was from the orange. In my experience the citrus scent transformed into floral as the wax melted allowing the smell of flowers to blossom.

Half of a melt is sure to be enough for small to medium sized rooms.


I tend to shy away from strong floral fragrances and this one was too flowery for my personal scent preference but if you are into floral scents I would highly suggest giving this one a shot!

I wish Jessica & Patrick the very best with their business! Be on the lookout for their opening July 30th!

Until Next Melt,



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