A Closet Full of Wax Review- Extreme Blueberry Cotton Candy Cake

A Closet Full of Wax Review- Extreme Blueberry Cotton Candy Cake

Brand- Closet Full of Wax

Scent- Extreme Blueberry Cotton Candy Cake

Product- Large Wax Chunk

Throw- Medium

Online Scent Description-Fresh baked yellow cake topped with fluffy frosting, fresh blueberries, Blue and pink Cotton candy! This is sure to make you hungry!


It’s summer time! Time for all the fun sweets and gooey treats! I was super excited to see that Michele had included some of her beautiful wax chunks for me to review for you all. The many colors and glitter is just perfect for the summer!



Melting Thoughts:

The wax is a tart yet sweet type of fragrance before melted. The first scent notes that I am able to pick up on are the tartness of the blueberry and a cherry like scent wrapped in sweet spun sugar. There is an undertone of a vanilla fragrance that I hope can better be detected when warmed. Now this wax chunk is quite large so I got my chopper after it and chopped it down further into mini melts (About 5-6 but this is all in how big or small you like your wax pieces per melt). I threw in about two of the smaller pieces and waited for an extreme sugar rush. With the sugar and blueberry I smelled, I pictured myself snacking on the blueberry cotton candy you would find at most carnival stands swirled by the mounds full. Yum! This is more of a fruitier fragrance than it is bakery in my opinion. This melt made such a beautiful wax pool with the many colors and sparkly glitter shimmering in the light of my warmer. I would suggest for larger rooms to melt 3-4 pieces for a medium to strong throw (depending on the size that you cut your wax down to)



Though I didn’t pick up on a cake note with this fragrance, this melt will be sure to cure a sweet tooth (without the calories)…  or just have you in the mood for some good ole fashion cotton candy! If you have yet to give Closet Full of Wax a try check them out below! She offers a large variety of product such as the wax chunks seen above or the single melts (currently having a sale only $0.55 each) shown in my earlier reviews which I will leave linked here and here. (Homemade Cookies and Pistachio Ice Cream Reviews)



Until Next Melt,


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