A Vintage Chic Scents Review- Yellow Brick Road

A Vintage Chic Scents Review- Yellow Brick Road

Brand: Vintage Chic Scents (VCS)

Scent: Yellow Brick Road

Product: Three Pack Coins (3.3 oz)

Cube/Tart count: Three Rose Coins per pack

Price: $4.05

Online Scent Description:Lemon Custard, Cannoli, Waffle Cone and Marshmallow”



“Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. We must be over the rainbow!”

Follow along with Dorothy and the gang on their magical journey to Oz with this fun and whimsical fragrance.

As you may know already if you have followed me for any length of time that I am a huge Wizard of Oz fan. So what more could a girl ask for when two of her favorite things collide? Eeeep! Is it sad to buy a wax melt solely on the name of it? I think not.. but the scent description had me hooked so it’s a double win!


Melting Thoughts:

This scent description just screams Oz with lemon custard representing the yellow in the yellow brick road while the waffle cone adds a bit of crunch that reminds me of the bricks that the road is made of. The marshmallow scent adds a touch of sweetness and wonder since after all we are heading for the land of Oz which is known for being magical and the home to the Lollipop Guild.

I couldn’t wait to melt this but I was good and let it cure for at least a month for we all know or have heard that VCS is best with age. So if you can wait, wait. The moment has come though! Lemon Curd was the strongest scent on cold throw and reminded me of a rich lemon lime custard/sherbet. Oh yum already! Once in my warmer, it took about 10-15 minutes before I was able to detect any fragrance in my bulb warmer but once it started to throw it was wonderful! A true buttery bakery note started to shine from the decadent cannoli and crispy waffle cone that weren’t present before while blended sweetly with the  creamy lemon custard and gooey marshmallow. The waffle cone really added something special to this blend and gives it that extra spunk or magic I should say 🙂 Just wow. I really enjoyed this scent.

How you melt your wax is your own personal preference and for me personally I find that melting half of a coin works well for me for most scents in my medium sized bedroom and allows me to get six melts out of a three packs rather than just three. More bang for your buck. Larger sized bedrooms I would suggest the full coin.



If you haven’t yet tried Vintage Chic Scents Wax, I am finding that her restocks have been easier to buy from as of late as she may be pouring more stock. So follow Kirby on Facebook and Instagram for updates on her restocks. Also there are plenty of people who sell destash’s so watch for those if you are unable to catch the restocks. (That is how I got my first bundle of Vintage Chic Scents Roses.Link to my first VCS destash here)


Until Next Melt,



Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the companies Warner Brothers or Vintage Chic Scents.

My experiences and opinions on a product may not be what you experience or think.


One thought on “A Vintage Chic Scents Review- Yellow Brick Road

  1. jaybird says:

    I think you would like Glinda the Good Witch by vcs, if you can find some. It had too much satsuma/orange soda for my taste, so I gave to my mom (another big Wizard of Oz devotee ☺)


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