Wax of the Past-July Wax Empties

Wax of the Past

July Wax Empties

Hello there! I know you haven’t heard much from me this past week and I apologize for that! Busy busy week but today I am coming at you with my July wax empties! There is a lot so sit back and relax with a pen and paper to write down a few suggestions you might find to melt yourself! Happy Melting!

NOTE: Scents with * beside them I would highly suggest and/or by again


-3 Tea Light Candles

-Pumpkin Pie Mini Candle by Bath & Body Works

-Marshmallow Fireside Wall Flower*

Baggie Melts

-Cheers Wax Chunk by Rose Girls*

-CoCo-Mint-Frost by Can-Do-Candles

-Grape Sugar Piped Heart by Rose Girls*

-Banana Marshmallow Zucchini Bread 4 pack by Front Porch Candle Co. **(fav)

– Creamsicle Pomegranate Creamsoda by Sassy Girl Aroma

-Cake by the Ocean by The Fakery Bakery*

– Sweeny’s Barbershop 3 pack coins  by Vintage Chic Scents*** (favs)

-Fairy Godmother 3 pack coins by Vintage Chic Scents *

-Extreme Blueberry Cotton Candy Cake Wax Chunk by Closet Full of Wax

-Lemonade (Single Melt) by Closet Full of Wax

-Pistachio Ice Cream (Single Melt) by Closet Full of Wax*

-Purple Haze Coin by Vintage Chic Scents*

-Hagrid Bakery Bag by Super Tarts*


-Lord of Mordor by Super Tarts*

-Snuggle by AirWick *

Scent Shots- 

-Gray Stuff by Wild Vine Soapery *

-Sinus Relief by Wild Vine Soapery*

-Aye Aye by Wild Vine Soapery*

-Strawberries & Cream by Wild Vine Soapery*

-Pinkmint by Jamiannes Wax Creations*

-Black Raspberry Vanilla by Olde Primitive Treasures

-Tinsel by Olde Primitive Treasures

-Jessica by WaxJunkieMelts*

-Sweet Squirrel by Scented Squirrel *

-Earl Grey Tea by Candy Panda Wax

-Mexican Fried Ice Cream by House of Usher Wax Museum*

Scent Shot Samples

-Pumpkin Spice House of Wax Melts

-Blown Up by Super Tarts*

-Mystique by Super Tarts

-Edward’s Promise by Super Tarts*

-Friday the 13th by Super Tarts

Baggie Samples-

-The Philadelphhia Story by Vintage Chic Scents

-Norma Jean by Vintage Chic Scents

-Baja Cactus by The Fakery Bakery*

-Candy Cane by Sniff My Tarts

-Midwest Gal by Wild Vine Soapery

-Curse of the Bambino by Vintage Chic Scents

-Berry Banana Crush by Fresh Picked Scents

-Carrie by Super Tarts*

-Yuzu & Sea Salt by Fig & Oak

-Sweets by Wild Vine Soapery*

-Cinderella Would be Jealous by The Bathing Garden


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