A Bath & Body Works Review- Autumn

A Bath & Body Works Review- Autumn



Brand: Bath & Body Works

Scent: Autumn

Product: 14.5 oz. 3 Wick Candle

Throw: Light to Medium

Scent Description: “A crisp fragrance that celebrates classic autumn in red delicious apple, rich cedar wood and green balsam. “



Autumn is my favorite time of year! What a sight to see of the colorful leaves falling from the trees and blowing in the cool breeze. The feeling of fall is such a refreshing transition, even the scent of the air becomes a more crisp and clean scent. I tend to start enjoying candles again in the cooler months so what better way to start my candle reviews then with an Autumn candle?


Burning Thoughts:

Cold throw the first notes I pick up on is the juicy red apples. It’s as if I had bit into an apple and tasted the fresh juices just from the sweet aroma that runs across your pallet as you inhale. Pure deliciousness! Some apple scents can come across artificial but this here is a true apple fragrance. Craving the common autumn/fall like scents, I was beyond ready to light this one. Once lit, the cedar wood and green balsam notes become more active and aggressive demanding their roles to be noticed while the apple is still present and helps keep them at bay. Together they create a whimsical fragrance that if you closed your eyes it would leave you walking down a multi-colored leaf path, crunching leaves with every step of the way. The cedar wood adds a bit of a rustic scent into the blend allowing this scent to be different than just a plain Jane apple blend. In my review room of choice I was able to get a light to medium throw which is not as strong as I like but this could be from my candle being over a year old. The packaging on this candle is simple yet elegant.  Different stages of red fade and transition to the bottom of the candle jar followed by a basic label that reads “Autumn”.  The embellished lid is what finishes off this look and makes it special with the bronze maple leaves which scream the season.



Happy Fall Yall! I hope you enjoyed this review. Though it isn’t technically fall just yet, stores are cranking out the merchandise which is fine by me! To kick off this year’s goodies and treats Autumn seemed like a perfect transition scent to do so. This candle was from last year’s collection but the candle has returned in stores this year so keep your eyes peeled so you can snatch one for yourself! If you love fall and just aren’t crazy about all the cinnamon and pumpkin scents give this candle a try!

Until Next Burn,

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