Disney Villain’s Sampler Haul from Tori’s Tarts!

Disney Villain’s Sampler Haul from Tori’s Tarts!

With Halloween right around the corner and my fascination with Disney Villains (My top favorite being my girl Maleficent!) this sampler was just too perfect to pass up. This is my first time ordering from Tori so I’m excited to give her wax a try.

*All opinions below are based on a cold throw as I have not melted them. If you would like a melted review leave me a comment below.*


Maleficent– Pink Sugar & Black Ice

“They’re hopeless. A disgrace to the forces of evil. ”

Pink sugar?! Uhh yes please! The black ice incorporates a nice cologne type scent to the blend to create a powerful fragrance Maleficent herself would be proud to wear.


Scar– Black Cherry & Blood Orange & Toasted Marshmallow

“I’m surrounded by Idiots”

Very tart and fierce just like Scar himself with the bold citrus and juicy black cherries.

Ursula-Blackberry Fizz & Ocean Mint

“Life’s full of tough choices, innit?”

This is a nice fresh spin on a minty fragrance but also incorporating a sweet berry effervescent note that tickles the nose like the bubbles you’d find under the sea creeping along through the deep with Ursula.


Cruella– Cherry Tobacco & Little Black Dress

“It’s good to be bad.”

I was a bit hesitant of this blend with the tobacco note but on cold it actually isn’t bad.

Cruella’s fur coat was sure to be smothered in the scent of tobacco as she was always smoking.

Hades– Blue Raspberry & Cotton Candy & Lavender Mint

Talk to the Hand”

As blue as Hades hair, the blue raspberry is the key note in this fragrance. Cotton candy comes in as the side kick filling in with a touch of sweetness and to bring the scent all together with a cool, relaxing lavender mint.


Evil Queen– Berry Bewitching Brew & Poison Apple

“One bite and all your dreams will come true”

It is just about this time of year I start really appreciating a tart apple fragrance. This one is perfect and I can’t wait to throw it in my “cauldron” and warm it up!


Let me know below if you received this sampler! Which was your favorite scent? If there are any scents you would like me to review more in depth let me know.

Until next Haul,


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