A Statement Candle Co. Review- Citrus Sunrise

A Statement Candle Co. Review- Citrus Sunrise

Brand: Statement Candle Co.

Scent: Citrus Sunrise

Product: Wax Melt Blossoms

Throw: Light

Warmer Used: ScentSationals Bulb Warmer Edison Anchorage Lantern (40W)

Scent Description: “A delicious blend of strawberry, raspberry and orange. Similar to the aroma of our favorite orange flavored taffy.”



Statement Candle Co. reached out to me and offered to send me a sample of their wax melts to review for you guys. Being a new to me vendor, I was eager to give them a try! I decided to let them pick the scent that I would receive and I am more than happy with their choices. The two samples I received were in the scent Citrus Sunrise and Rockstar Status. The blistering heat fought a good fight with my poor wax melts and left them a bit mushy so I tried to reshape them the best I could to their former shape so excuse them if they do not look their best shape.


Melting Thoughts:

With the wax being a bit melted beforehand, I don’t have much of a cold throw review. I can add though that the envelope could not contain all the scent happening within and when I opened it I was hit in the face with the sweet aroma of fresh citrus! That is a great sign!

Lately I have really been enjoying/craving creamy orange fragrances and treats so this was a perfect scent choice for me. Ready to throw this into my warmer, I removed the cling-wrap type packaging that surrounds their melts and placed it in my bedroom warmer. I was able to detect smell within 5-10 minutes of melting between walking in and out of the bedroom between cooking. The key note to this fragrance is a fresh orange but I detect a bit of creaminess to the blend like an orange sherbet that you would get from a push pop at your local super market. While I didn’t pick up on any of the strawberries or raspberry, I was pleased with the outcome of the overall fragrance. The scent was very smooth and creamy yet tart and sweet. I continued melting for a little over an hour and a half before I was unable to smell anything from across the room. I have heard great things about the long lasting throw on this vendors wax so I didn’t know whether to contribute this to my wax being a bit melted beforehand, the warmer I was using, or with the ceiling fan and air conditioner disrupting the throw of my wax but towards the end I was only able to smell something if I was hovering over my warmer.


Overall this was a good fragrance I just wasn’t able to keep a throw after about an hour and a half.


Until Next Melt,





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