A Sassy Girl Aroma Haul- Fall Chunk Bags

Today I am coming at you with a small but mighty Sassy Girl Aroma Haul. This is my first purchase and I am already itching to buy more. I was on the hunt for some Fall scents when I went to her site. I previously had my eye on a blend of her’s that was a rice krispy blend and told myself if I ever purchased anything with her and it was still available I would snag it. Well here we are and here I bring it to you!


Zombie Crunch: Captain Crunch Berries & Rice Krispy Treats

I had a hunch this would be a good one. Gooey, sticky marshmallow blended with a fun nostalgic cereal we all use to eat as a child (hey I’m sure some of us still eat it to this day). I believe we all enjoy a familiar scent sometimes to bring us back in time to bring back memories. Can not wait to try this on warm!



Sassy At The Pumpkin Patch– Pumpkin Pie, Brown Sugar, Pecan, Zucchini, Caramel Sugar Cookies.

Excuse me while I just continue to inhale this.. Wow. It smells wonderful. Perfect mix of pumpkin spice without being overpowering and having a mix of sweet with the sugar cookies and brown sugar while the zucchini keeps it all at bay. I can not wait to melt this one and review it for you guys for Fall! Not only is the name super cute but I love the color combo in the chunks!


Sample- Sparkling Pink Sugar

I was really excited to see that my sample was in a scent I would enjoy. Who doesn’t enjoy pink sugar?! This is the perfect blend of pink sugar and a fizzy effervescent scent.


Until Next Haul,


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