Wonderberry Carnival Night Mini Sampler

Wonderberry Carnival Night Mini Sampler

I received my Wonderberry Carnival Night mini sampler in the mail and wanted to share what was inside with you! This sampler looked amazing on the site because each one seemed like great transitioning scents as the weather changes from Summer to Fall and that it would be a fun group of scents to have together in a set! So let’s dive in and see what’s inside:


Side Note: As a reviewer I really appreciated the scent descriptions card/print-out that was included in the sampler so that I didn’t have to shuffle back and forth on the site and Instagram to find all of the scent notes. After restocks some vendors won’t always have scent descriptions available for easy viewing so this made it simple when it came time to sit down and get a post ready for you guys and already have what I needed. Thumbs up!


*Below are opinions based on cold throw*


  • Caramel Kettle Corn– “Sweet and salty kettle corn with a sticky caramel glaze.”

Whew. This is rich. The caramel drizzled on top of the sweet kettle popped popcorn. Yum! The kettle corn is  the strongest note in this melt.


  • Cotton Candy Supreme– “Cotton candy, cotton candy frosting and marshmallows topped with whipped cream.”

I mostly get marshmallows and whipped cream with this one with a slight pink sugar frosting undertone. Light and fluffy like pink sugar cotton candy clouds!



  • Ultimate Candy Apples– “Crunchy green apples dipped in caramel and white chocolate and rolled in toffee bits”

Yummm.. Juicy green apples are the first note I detect with undertones of a burnt caramel smell which may be a scent blend of the caramel and toffee.This is wonderful!!


  • Vanilla Glazed Soft Pretzel-“A fluffy, fresh homemade pretzel dipped in a rich vanilla glaze.”

The vanilla in this to me almost smells like a perfume. Of course it isn’t a bad scent it just isn’t a creamy vanilla I’m used to, Almost like a vanilla bean noel. I’m not sure I pick up on a pretzel note on cold so we will see how it is on warm.



  • Wild Cherry Snow Cone- “Sweet, frozen strawberry-Cherry Slush”

Ahh yes.. refreshing this one is! This one is probably my favorite out of the group of scents. The description says strawberry.. But it smells to me of a dark cherry syrup you would find on your snow cone or slushie at the state fair on a hot summer day!  The cherry note is so tart and strong it gives a bit of a burn to the back of your throat if you deeply inhale so beware.


  • Wold’s Best Funnel Cake- Classic cripsy, warm fried dough covered in powdered sugar

Very rich, vanilla sugar milk scent. I’ve always been curious about funnel cake wax and this will be my first, so we will see how it preforms on warm!



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