Wonderberry Wax -July Order Haul

Wonderberry July Order Haul

I am super excited to finally share with you my very first Wonderberry wax haul! This vendor has intrigued me for a while now with their many unique scent blends and wild colors that they offer in their whipped sugar scrubs and fun wax shapes! Not only was there many different melts and scrubs to choose from but there was also several amazing mini samplers. I chose the Carnival Nights Mini Sampler which I will go into further detail in another post so keep your eyes peeled! Now onto the haul!


  • Bomb Pop 6 Pack– “Blue raspberry slush, cherry, and fizzy soda.. Just like the real thing! A bestseller!”


Originally I bought these in mind for my husband because when I ask him for his preference on what to melt he always either says cherry or coke/soda melts. Well why not have the best of both worlds? With this melt I am able to give him not only the cherry and fizzy soda fragrance but also he is a huge fan of fruit in general so the blue raspberry is just another plus and it doesn’t hurt that I am also a big fan of this fragrance.


  • Bomb Pop Scrub- “Blue raspberry slush, cherry, and fizzy soda.. Just like the real thing! A bestseller!

I just had to try one of the scrubs. They just looked so dreamy and I must say I am already impressed. This is a good size for $10. The texture is comparable to a can of whipped frosting; soft and air like with a gentle gritty texture to exfoliate and get the job done without being too abrasive. I cannot wait to give this a try!


  • Carnival Nights Mini Sampler– This my readers will just have to be a bit of a mystery until my next post. I can tell you it includes 6 Carnival themed scents in the shape of beautifully decorated scalloped tarts.



  • Wonderberry Birthday Cake- “Rich frosting sits atop a sweet, buttery yellow cake. Don’t forget the sprinkles!”

Yummy cake batter top notes with this melt. Yum!

  • Orange Sherbert Fruit Punch- Did this vendor read my mind?! Ive been obsessed with Orange Sherbert scents here recently so this one is perfect! Rich, creamy orange perfection.


I hope you enjoyed this haul! Did you order anything from this past retock? Let me know what your favorite Wonderberry product is!


Until Next Haul,



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