Wax of the Past-August Wax Empties

Wax of The Past

August Wax Empties

I cannot believe that August is already over!! Wow the year has gone by too quickly. It will be Christmas before you know it! If you are reading this you have already read from the title that today I am bringing you my monthly empties. So sit back, relax, grab a pen and something to drink and enjoy! Let us dig through my wax trash together!

(I will mark a * beside the scents I would repurchase and recommend)


-Marshmallow Fireside by Bath and Body Works* (One of my favorite fall/winter fragrances from Bath and Body Works)

– French Toast by Mainstays

-Hidden Springs by Mainstays

(Note: As you can tell from my candles, two of them aren’t burned all the way through and this is because on the French Toast candle, the wicks started to move inward and droop in drowning themselves and Marshmallow Fireside was having a bit of trouble towards the end as well so I decided to just let it go as I was tired of fussing with it.)

Clam Shells:

-Orange Buttercream by Better Homes & Gardens*

-Candied Citrus Pumpkin by Better Homes & Gardens *

-Pumpkin Marshmallow Cream by ScentSationals*

I enjoyed every one of these and would recommend them all! My absolute favorite from the group is the Pumpkin Marshmallow Cream which I will be stocking up on before it is gone!! 

Scent Shots: 

Jessica by WaxJunkie Melts*

Sierra by WaxJunkie Melts*

Emma by WaxJunkie Melts

Pepper Ann by WaxJunkie Melts*

Lemony Snickett by The Fakery Bakery*

Sparkling Pink Sugar by Sassy Girl Aroma*

Fizzy Tea & Cakes by Wild Vine Soapery*

Sinus Relief (x2) by Wild Vine Soapery*

Coconut White Cake by Wild Vine Soapery

Watermelon Noel by Jamiannes Wax Creations

Piece of My Heart by Vintage Chic Scents

Mint Chocolate Chip by Live Love Wax Co. *

Who Loves The Sun by Candy Panda Wax


Scent shots that stuck out to me the most this month and are definite repurchases in the future: Jessica by WaxJunkie Melts, Mint Chocolate chip by Live Love Wax Co., Lemony Snickett by the Fakery Bakery and the scent that wowed me the most was Sparkling Pink Sugar by Sassy Girl Aroma because of its longevity throughout the night and into the morning with only half of a sample size scent shot.


Peppermint Sweet Lavender Pink Chiffon 4 Pack Grubbies by Front Porch (finished off)

Banana Marshmallow Zucchini Bread 4 Pack Grubbies by Front Porch (finished off)*

Banana Cream Pie 4 pack by Front Porch (finished off)

Lemon Cheesecake by Dessa’s Home Spun Scents Grubby Heart

Pink Peppermint 3 Pack Hearts by Wild Vine Soapery (finished off)*

Strawberry Sugar Milk by Wild Vine Soapery

Orange Sherbert Fruit Punch by Wonderberry Wax Co.*

Fruit Jam Empanadas by The Fakery Bakery

Pink Sugar Pie Crust Flower Shape by The Bathing Garden*

Rockstar Status by Statement Candle Co.

Autumn Wreath by Yankee Candle

Bags/packs/shapes that I caught myself using or enjoying the most this month were: Pink Peppermint by Wild Vine Soapery (In dire need of more!) and Banana Marshmallow Zucchini by Front Porch Candle Co.

Wax Swap Samples:

Posers Spa by Super Tarts *

Immortal Child by Super Tarts

Groot by Super Tarts

Elektra by Super Tarts

Charlie Tango by Super Tarts

Wasp by Super Tarts*

King Jeffrey by Super Tarts

Ellen by Super Tarts

Flash by Super Tarts

Lavender Orange Cream by Super Tarts*

Genosha by Super Tarts

Pink Peppermint by Layla Reese Candles*

The Nisha Call by Rose Girls

Boo’s Spooky Castle by Rose Girls*

Snow Fairy by House of Wax Melts*

Orange is the New Pink by Zeep Bath*


From the scents named above in the samples I had the chance to try from my sweet waxie friends, my favorites this month were: Boo’s Spooky Castle by Rose Girls, Lavender Orange Cream, Wasp and Posers Spa all from Super Tarts.


This month I found myself craving more pink sugar blends. As I transition into fall of course I am melting more fall scents and burning more candles which I have found great choices at Wal-Mart.

What have you been melting? Let me know!


Until Next Melt,


Happy Melting,


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