My Small but Mighty Super Tarts Haul

My Small but Mighty Super Tarts Haul

I have been itching to make another Super Tarts purchase since Brandi went RTS (Ready to Ship). Once I heard that she was releasing another product related to Harry Potter, the Potter fan in me couldn’t hold back any longer. The new product I am referring to is Brandi’s new Potion Packs that are single scent bags of shapes made in mind to release your inner blending wizard!

These shapes are.. different.. but fun!

Potion Pack-Pink Sugar

If you know anything about wax than you know or have heard of this scent. It is blended with everything and anything and also can be purchased with most vendors. I was wax hungry for some pink sugar and realized I was out in my stash so I had to pick up a bag of this to add to my stash for blending and to have for night time melting. It smells of your average pink sugar and it is amazing.

Potion Pack-Ginger Ale

My husband and I love our fizzy scents! My husband mostly loves cherry cola fragrances while I am just in it for the bubbly! This scent is very effervescent and fresh. I cannot wait to try it on it’s own and also to blend with other fragrances!  I do have to warn you though that this scent isn’t for everyone. I have heard that to some ginger ale can come off as a soapy type scent because of it’s freshness and if you do not like fizzy scents then I would stay away.

(Yes that is a pickle shape. Of all shapes to receive I was confused too! ha-ha!)

Peppermint Butler- Peppermint Marshmallows and Pink Sugar

Yum! Yum! This smells exactly like those twisted marshmallow candy ropes that you find in the super market around Easter blended with pink sugar and peppermint oil. Perfect for a night time melt! I am a sucker for a good pink peppermint blend so we will see how this one goes!

Hocus PocusCandy Corn, Fluffy Cotton Candy and Butterbrickle

I got this to review for you all a little later when Halloween roles around! I cannot wait to review this for you ghouls and tell you how it is!

Until Next Haul,


11 thoughts on “My Small but Mighty Super Tarts Haul

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Yes I reviewed it on Instagram.. I was not happy with the results of this scent at all, rather disappointed and now I am stuck with two clamshells. Yes I am really enjoying her shapes, such fun! The pickle had me laughing so hard!


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