Pumpkin Everything-Fall Melting Series

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If you haven’t already guessed the theme of this post.. let me help you out with these cute riddles:

Remove the seeds
And carve a face
Your front doorstep
Is where its placed.


You might pick up one of these
When you go out to a patch
Carve it, put in a candle
And then light it with a match…


Think you’ve got it now? Good!

Pumpkins are probably my favorite part about fall. Besides my birthday of course! My favorite decoration, craft (carving), spice, ect. I just adore everything about pumpkins from their  shape to their bright orange color. Just the look of a pumpkin makes me happy and makes me want to fill my home with dozens of them come autumn.  Am I the only one who lights up like a kid in a candy store when its that time of year to go to a pumpkin patch?? Who doesn’t like to pick their own pumpkin?


Brand/Vendor: Ava’s Country Cupboard

Scent: Pumpkin Pie Crust Noel

Product: Mini Pumpkin Melts (2 Pack)

Warmer Used: ScentSationals Bulb Warmer and Glade

Throw: Strong

Creamy pumpkin filling ladled into a warm crumple, graham cracker crust and cooked to perfection! Yum! The pumpkin pie filling is extra spicy so spice haters beware, while the graham cracker crust adds the bakery note to this delightful yet strong fragrance. Noel comes in with its soft vanilla goodness and kisses the finished product with a hint of vanilla to finish off the product and keep the spice at bay.


Brand: Bath and Body Works

Product: Mini Mason Jar Candle, One Wick

Scent: Pumpkin Pie

Online Scent Description: Creamy Pumpkin, Vanilla Crème, Fresh Ground Nutmeg, Graham Cracker Crust”

Throw: Light


For a mini candle I was surprised on the throw on this. Nothing major but it did put off enough scent for me to notice it in my bedroom which is more than I can say about most of the mini candles. The vanilla creme and pumpkin was rich and buttery but something about this fragrance kept giving off a maple syrup type scent. Usually that is a no go for me.. but I didn’t hate it and it might have been because of the pumpkin spice.

I apologize for the lack of a better picture because I just adore this pumpkin and wish you could see it in person. This picture does not give it justice! The detail on this thing is incredible, it looks like a painting as if it isn’t even real! So perfect and right up my alley!

If you couldn’t tell before, my favorite decoration item for fall is PUMPKINS! They just make me smile!  When I saw this in my local Home Good’s I melted… in the basket it went! Rang up at $12.99 which this girl happily paid for a pumpkin that will never rot and one that she can keep year round to enjoy.


What is your favorite fall item to display? Let me know! 

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11 thoughts on “Pumpkin Everything-Fall Melting Series

  1. Sandra Lewrey says:

    Oh, I like that little pumpkin, too! I forget what that style is called (where the edges look like they’ve been lopped off) but I have a Halloween cat figurine that’s shaped quite a bit like that pumpkin!

    And I haven’t purchased a dang thing from Bath and Body Works this year for the fall. I’m mostly a hand soap person with them, but I find that the scents sometimes don’t translate very well to the soap base – what smells one way in a soap smells completely different in a candle. The minis are adorable and would be nice to try out, but I’m gathering the strength is not all that impressive, right?


    • themeltdownblog says:

      Girl I havent got to buy anything from Bath and Body Works this year either, I actually got this from last years collection. That is another reason why I was so impressed on why it threw so well. Yes the mini candles are not too great of throwers but I have cute candle holders for my mini candles that I use so I buy a few here and there. Also I would really like a Cider Lane mini candle to just carry in my purse.. so I could have it to occasionally sniff.. nothing to see here! 😛 Yeah the soaps I feel are more fragranced at times but I do enjoy their soaps… they just get a bit pricey.


      • Sandra Lewrey says:

        Ha, the surreptitious sniff! You sound like my husband – he always wants to put this stuff in his work knapsack, and I’m just like, the potential for calamity here is just way too high – how ’bout a room spray or something, man?!


  2. Julie Johnson says:

    Pumpkins!!!! I love pumpkins too. Your Ava’s pumpkins are adorable and the scent sounds incredible. I am sometimes surprised by the throw on the mini candles too. Scarlette picked out the teeny tiny candle in Pumpkin Apple and it is scents her whole room! October is my pumpkin melting season and boy howdy and I ready!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. jaybird says:

    Those pumpkin melts look delicious, I might want to eat them and ooh your carved pumpkin is a great piece! I think you captured it well. It looks like it could go with anything and has a milky sheen to it that I’m digging for my decor as well. I’ve purposely avoided Home Goods this year because items just jump into my cart when I’m there and I have no control over it whatsoever, honest!

    Liked by 1 person

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