Random Act Of Kindness and Melts-Fall Melting Series

RAOK &Melts- Fall Melting Series 

For this post we were supposed to share a random act of kindness that we sent to someone else whether it be a card, gift or waxy treat. Well I am going to flip that around and share with you a random act of kindness a friend surprised me with a few days ago!

This package had came at a great time too after not feeling my best and having a lousy week at work so I really enjoyed sitting down after a stressful day and getting to unwind by sniffing new wax and having a good laugh.  I won’t share the name of who sent me this in case she doesn’t want to be known but she knows who she is and I am sooo appreciative of everything even Frankie, the Frankenstein rubber duck! Too cute!


YANKEES?! Ha-ha I actually am very excited to have more to try!! These Yankee Melts/Tarts are some of the many waxy goodies I received in my package and they all smell so yummy! I especially cannot wait to try the Cranberry Peppermint, Granny Smith and the Harvest Welcome!

Another melt that came in my wax goodies! 


Brand: Gypsy Wax

Scent: Girls Night

Product: Scent Shot

Warmer Used: ScentSationals Bulb Warmer

Throw: Low

Online Scent Description: “Blend of Mango, Papaya and Pink Grapefruit.”

A new to me vendor and also a new vendor out in the wax community.

Girls Night was a super fruity, tart scent on cold.  The texture was different and  reminded me of a sugar scrub with the crunchy glitter and squishy wax. I started out melting half of the scent shot but ended up melting the whole cup receiving little to no throw. I don’t know if this was on account of the warmer used but this melt didn’t preform well for me. I do plan on testing more with this vendor in the future with other warmers so fingers crossed!


Until Next Melt,



5 thoughts on “Random Act Of Kindness and Melts-Fall Melting Series

  1. jaybird says:

    Hey girly-I’ve already spilled the beans on my account! As I told you in the card, it took a village to deliver this RAOK as a surprise and started way back in August when I met Jess from the Scented Squirrel and before I knew anything about our Fall Fun blog series. When I saw her “Jessica” wax, I thought, well I should really send a cup of it to you and off I went:) I love to gift wax especially to someone who I know appreciates it.
    Strange about that Gypsy wax, because the other 4 that I own have super strong cold throws, but I’ve had that experience before. I’ll try one and see if I get anything from an electric warmer.
    Happy melting!
    P.S. glad you like Frankie

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