Keep Calm & Get Your S’mores On! Fall Fun Melting Series


There is nothing like sitting around a fire on a chilly fall night, wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket and sharing a tasty treat such as oh I don’t know.. a delicious s’more with your friends or loved ones.




Vendor/Brand: Crossroads Originals Designs

Scent: S’mores

Product: Half Pint Mason Jar, One Wick

Price: $8.25

Online Scent Description: “Melted Chocolate, toasted marshmallow and graham crackers.” 

Throw: Medium-Strong

Repurchase?: Maybe, seasonal, fall like candle in my opinion.




If I were to blind fold you and stick this candle under your nose and ask you what you smelled, your answer would probably be like many that this test was conducted on when I asked many of my loved ones that were put under testing when they came over to my house. “Just close your eyes and tell me what you smell..” “No, I am not going to trick you, how mean do you think I am?” Don’t answer that. 😛

Almost everyone’s response was chocolate. Chocolate is usually a no no when it comes to scents like wax, perfumes, candles, ect. This fragrance goes beyond chocolate. On a deeper whiff you can pick out the graham cracker notes and the sweetness of the gooey roasted marshmallow without being bombarded by the richness of the chocolate. The candle was so infused with fragrance oil that the top near the wick was leaking small drops of oil before it was lit.

Wowza, this candle threw like a champ in my kitchen for it only being a mason jar candle. If chocolate would have been the only note this sniffer would have picked up on.. this candle would have been put out immediately but you truly get a true s’more like fragrance that had me craving Hershey’s chocolate and rummaging the cabinet for graham crackers.

My cabinets came up short but what I did find in my cabinet though where these cute yet spooky ghost marshmallows that are just perfect for this time of year! When I found these Ghoster Roasters at my local market it was an instant must have mostly for the shapes and the packaging but also because I knew they would be perfect for this post too!



Though I may have not made it to a pumpkin patch just yet and I don’t have a backyard for bonfires.. (small patch of grass in front yard.. but wouldn’t want to be evicted from the new place) doesn’t mean that I couldn’t enjoy a roasted marshmallow.. or two.


This my friends is called improvising! Ooey gooey treats without leaving your home. Yum!



Wonderberry Wax Co.- Marshmallow Fireside Wax Melt


I was sent a sample of this in a swap with a waxy friend! Love the two toned colored wax and the tons of glitter on top.


Vendor/Brand: Wonderberry Wax Co.

Scent: Marshmallow Fireside

Product: Wax Melt

Warmer Used: Glade

Throw: Strong

Fiery embers, smoking wood, gooey marshmallows and a touch of vanilla. Perfection. A very close dupe of Bath & Body Work’s Marshmallow Fireside.

Now that I have moved into a bigger apartment, I have to test out what works and doesn’t work with melting in the my new space. For instance this melt was far too strong for my bathroom then also for my bedroom, so I moved it into my open living room/kitchen area and it worked fine and threw great. Other melts I have tested are great bathroom or bedroom melts because my living room/kitchen is larger than what I use to have. I’ll get the hang of the place and melting.. it’s my first week guys so hang in with me! ha-ha I will need to find a dedicated melting room which I feel my crafting room/my husbands office will do nicely.



“I’m melting.. Melting!.. ” Marshmallow Fireside by Wonderberry Wax Co.

Have you taken part in any fun fall fun? Any marshmallow melting? Let me know!


Until Next Melt,



6 thoughts on “Keep Calm & Get Your S’mores On! Fall Fun Melting Series

  1. jaybird says:

    Haha, I love your indoor ghost roast. My marshmallow preferences are so stipulated it’s ridiculous. For instance, I enjoy marshmallow wax, specially toasty. I can’t do chocolate wax if it’s dominant (or graham cracker either)
    I don’t like gooey edible marshmallows even in smores, don’t even get me started on the fluff stuff. However, I do like small hard marshmallows that come in cereals; in fact, I don’t even eat peeps unless they’ve gone hard and stale. Guess I’m bizarre.
    Thank goodness you don’t share these marshmallow hang-ups, because it was such a cute post😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Haha thank you! I am not really too awful picky when it comes to wax, I just have to be in the mood for it.. And I may go through stages where all I’ll want is fruity or all I’ll want is mint. So it took me a very long time to burn this candle for me to smell it and say “okay I think I can handle this today.” Almost a whole year went by lol. I think it was the chocolate holding me back because I just don’t like chocolate scents in wax but I thought might as well try it if I have it. Kind of like marshmallow fireside by Bath & Body Works, Can’t get enough of it during the holidays but right now it’s not really my favorite.. And I don’t know what you are talking about.. Peeps are great! :p


  2. Julie Johnson says:

    Yes! S’mores! I love those ghost mallows and how you toasted them indoors. Genius. A few months ago we made s’mores camping and I forgot how decadent they are for sure a simple treat. Nice throw from your Marshmallow Fireside tart! Those can be very hit or miss on strength. I love that scent though. One of my favorites.

    Liked by 1 person

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