Crisp Fall Leaves- Fall Melting Series

Crisp Fall Leaves- A Better Homes and Gardens Review 



Vendor/Brand: Better Homes and Gardens (Wal-Mart Wax)

Scent: Crisp Fall Leaves

Product: 2.5 oz Scented Wax Cubes

Price: $2.00

Warmer Used: Tuscany Bulb Pumpkin Warmer, Tuscany Bulb Spider Web Warmer

Cube/Tart Count: 6 count


A perfect combination of fresh fallen leaves and musky earth notes. Taking a whiff, it transports me to being in the woods and it is as if I am walking on a bed of fresh pine needles, dew covered leaves and dampened dirt.  The pine really sweetens this fragrance and gives off a “holiday” vibe that I really like. This not only would be a great fall melt but I also could see this being good for winter because of the pine.


Here where I live the weather has slowly started to change towards fall weather. Chilly mornings where a coat is necessary but towards 10-ish it becomes a normal, hot day in the south. Though I normally wear a coat year-round, I hope it starts cooling off and we get a chance to have a little fall before we hit straight winter. For the leaves changing their colors all bright and festive.. well they are a little slow this year as well. The trees are slowly starting to shed their leafy green in exchange for the warm, bright colors.


How about where you live? Let me know!


Until Next Melt,




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