My 1st Crosscreek Country Candle Haul!

Crosscreek Country Candle 



A little about the company:

Crosscreek Country Candle is ran by a woman named Deana Phelps who lives in Ohio with her husband and daughter. Her love of wax grew from just candles in 2001 when she discovered the world of wax melts and tarts. Now, present day she offers dozens upon dozens of different fun shapes and colors not to mention her lengthy scent list. When I reached out to Deana over a cure time on her wax I was told that she uses a paraffin blend and that there isn’t a need for a cure time so all orders can be melted as soon as they are received. Another bonus!


I have nothing but great things to say  about this vendor. My first purchase went so smoothly. Something I was very impressed with was the vendor stayed in contact with me via email all the way through the process of my order updating me on when my wax was being poured, answering a few questions here and there and even when the package had shipped with a tracking number. Now I know some vendors have this feature but they aren’t hand typed messages from the vendor themselves, it is usually a lifeless computer.


  • Fruit Cocktail Tarts: Cherry Coke- (Comes in 1/2 lb batch of mixed fruit tarts.) $6.00

Online Scent Description: “Cherry Coke-Coca Cola burstin with cherry flavor! A Crosscreek Country Candles Blend! “


Just look at these cute little shapes!! How realistic are these!? Even the colors of the wax mimics fruit salad. Just by looking at each shape and each shape being its own color you can tell this took some time to make. As for the scent, a delightful and cheery, cherry syrup fragrance stirred into a cola-fizz aroma! Whew these are strong!!! First thing I was able to smell when opening my package and sifting through my goodies.


  • Small Cookie Tarts: Nutty Banana Bread  (9 oz. of wax, about 21 mini cookies) $6.00

Online Scent Description:This mouth watering banana and walnut cake mixture will have your guests fooled into believing you baked all day. All the delicious aroma without the work!”


Again with the  cute shapes, Deana is killing it! These cookie melts are soo realistic I would be frightened to leave them on a platter in fear that they would be mistaken for bite size sugar cookies. Their bakery sweet aroma doesn’t help with not wanting to eat it.. not only tempting to the eyes but also to the nose. On cold these have a lighter scent so I will have to pop a few in the warmer to see how they preform. They smell of a sweet cake batter with chunks of fresh banana spooned in, cooked at just the right temperature before being garnished with toasted walnuts.

Edit: The melts threw  very well in my ScentSationals bulb warmer.I was able to detect a medium-strong throw for a good 2-3 hours with only using 2 cookies.


  • Christmas Tree with Star Tarts: North Pole (Comes in 6 Trees to be cut in half) $6.00

Online Scent Description:My favorite holiday blend for 2013! Fresh cut pine notes with hints of sweetness and frosty peppermint. A Crosscreek Country Candles Exclusive Blend!

Christmas already?! Yes I was in the mood for a Christmas-y peppermint blend and boy did I find it with this tart. Fresh cut pine, sweet yet nose clearing peppermint and a bit of holiday cheer! What a wonderful melt this will be come the winter months to warm up the house and get in the spirit. Sad that my Christmas tree stars on the tops of each tree were bent to the back but nothing that can’t be overlooked.



Happy Fall Y’all: Scalloped Tart

Online Scent Description: A deliciously cozy aroma of creamy caramel pralines, cinnamon buns and just a lil hint of crisp apple! A Crosscreek Country Candles Exclusive Blend

Fall is the perfect description of this tart. Fall in deed! Yummy fall bakery with a dash of cinnamon and apple.


  • Fast TAT on an extensive scent list
  • Seasonal scents offered year around
  • Everything is made fresh when ordered
  • Unique shapes
  • Having the option to choice your shapes for each scent
  • Quantity of product (6.00 for 9 oz of wax)
  • Shipping overages refunded
  • Kind, honest and open from the start. Vendor who stayed in touch from the moment I ordered to when my order shipped.



  • If this is even considered a con? I don’t think so but some might. The bags come loosely tied with a cute ribbon instead of a sealed bag but this could be easily replaced or tie the ribbon tight each time. Some waxies I know re-bag their wax anyways so this is why I don’t consider this to be a con.


You can check this vendor out here,

Current TAT is 2-4 days (not including transit time)


Some of the new scents that Deana  has to offer are:

Autumn Night Type
Blueberry YumYums
Cider Lane Type
Cranberry Woods Type
Farmhouse Kitchen
Happy Fall Y’all
Harvest Welcome
Pumpkin Cupcake Type
Pumpkin Pie Perfection


I am very excited to place another order and to try more of what this vendor has to offer.

Have you ever placed an order with this vendor? What were your experiences? What did you get? Let me know below.


Until Next Melt,



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